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Are you thinking about how you can make hemp soap? Worry no more!

It's possible to make hemp oil soap directly from your home. You can achieve this by using several portions of hemp, CBD oil and other substances.

You can quickly use hemp oil and your desired scent to make the best soap that you can use whenever you take a shower.

In this revealing post, you'll get tips on how to make hemp bath soap.

Let's get started!

What Is Hemp Soap?

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Hemp oil bar soap refers to a cleansing agent, found in bar form or liquid form, that applies hemp seed oil as a primary ingredient. However, the process of creating castile soap brands/'hempstar' soap varies from one to another.

Generally, industries make soap by mixing a base with fat and oil. There is a need for ingredient labels to highlight the ingredients in a descending manner so that the ingredient featuring the highest concentration appears first in the list. The ingredient labels ensure that the ingredients with less concentration appear last in the list.

If hemp appears last in the list, it means the soap doesn't contain enough hemp seed oil to offer much benefit. Other ingredients featured in soap include essential oils, like lavender/peppermint to sweeten the peppermint soap smell, and coconut/jojoba.

Castile Soap: What Is It?

Originally, castile soap received its name from the Castile, Spain olive oil soaps. However, currently, industries use vegetable-derived or plant-derived or nut-derived olive oils and other oils to make Castile soap.

Other commonly used castile soap ingredients include walnut oil, almond oil, hemp oil and coconut oil. Another crucial point to note is that peppermint soap occurs in solid form and liquid form. Also, you can get castile soap without hemp oil and castile soap brands with hemp oil.

Along with the above oils, soaps feature lye, a substance that results in soap molecules when you mix this 18-in-1 castle soap with the listed oils. If you mix the castile soap with water, it will create charged atoms that help remove dirt or other grime.

Does Castile Soap Work?

Yes, Castile body soap works. Soap molecules feature one side that gets attracted by water and another end repelled by water. After combining with water, this all-in-one soap creates free non-submerged atoms that magnetize and remove dirt and other molecules that don't dissolve in water.

It's because of the grease-grabbing feature that soap works well when used on difficult-to-clean oily spills, greasy pans or pots, and slick oven hoods.

Learn How To DIY Hemp Soap: Cannabis Soap Bar Recipe

Making bar soap or more castile soap products is a rewarding and surprisingly easy process that allows you to choose what to add to your CBD soap. Making soap is much cheaper than buying hemp bar soap or Dr. Bronner's from a big box retailer.



  • A sharp knife
  • Soap molds (2)
  • Metal mixing bowl (large)
  • Spatula
  • Safety gear: mask, rubber gloves, goggles


Consider safety every time you use potentially hazardous ingredients, such as lye. Lye is the chemical sodium hydroxide and is a dangerous substance that can blind you permanently. They ensure you wear hand/eye protection whenever using these substances.

Always take note to add lye ingredient to water and not water to the lye substance. Expect a ‘volcano' related reaction if you basify water wrongly. This reaction is a harmful one. Therefore, lab safety should remain to be your top priority whenever performing chemistry projects.


  • Combine all fats, melt them above low heat, keep stirring until they combine, and set them aside until they attain room temperature. Ensure you use a large-sized pot that can hold all the ingredients and the lye-water blend.
  • Mix lye with water. You can use the soap calculator to get pinpoint measurements depending on the fats. Set aside the mix until it attains room temperature.
  • Now combine two mixtures that are at room temperature carefully and stir without force until they combine. Wear safety gear, such as a mask, goggles, and rubber gloves, to protect yourself from the dangerous lye water.
  • Achieve trace by mixing the content for around three minutes using an immersion blender or hand blender. Here, trace suggests that the mix leaves behind traces after drizzling over the surface.
  • Add the desired coloring and essential oils. Remix the content to combine.
  • Add the combination into different soap molds and decorate if you want.
  • Allow it to completely set for around 24 hours and then cut into separate bars.

18 Uses For Castile Soap With Hemp Seed Oil

  1. Bath soap (castile soap bath)
  2. Shampoo
  3. Vegetable rinse
  4. Liquid hand soap
  5. Shower and tub soap cleaner
  6. Soft scrub soap cleaner
  7. Dog shampoo
  8. Facial soap (the best one if you're looking for CBD facial bar soap)
  9. Plant spray
  10. Countertop spray
  11. Toilet bowl soap cleaner
  12. Laundry soap (hemp laundry detergent )
  13. Window spray
  14. Mopping solution
  15. Shaving soap
  16. Dish soap
  17. Travel shampoo
  18. Stain removal

Is Hemp Soap Good For You?

Yes, hemp body soap is an all-natural liquid soap or solid soap that doesn't feature nasty chemicals, known for drying out the skin or face. This feature makes it the best castile soap for the body.

Castile Soap Benefits for Hair and Skin

The all-in-one castle soap offers various benefits such as:

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  • Lathers naturally
  • Safe for all sensitive skins
  • Cleans the skin without drying cases
  • Promotes a glowing skill
  • Naturally hydrating
  • Keeps the skin pores clean and clear
  • Prevents skin degeneration

Conclusion on Hemp Soap

We hope now you know how to make an all-in-one castle soap. Hemp soap offers outstanding benefits other than using it to cleanse your body. You can use it to provide relief for dry skin and issues, such as rosacea.

Best of all, this all-in-one castile soap is a celebrity soap that any individual can use. Get more information about hemp by enrolling in Cannabis Training University today!

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