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Hemp t shirts on hanger

Hemp T Shirt

Hemp has been around for millennia as a means for people to make clothing and other essentials. Hemp garments are commonly a blend of hemp and other textile fibers such as silk and cotton to produce the finest of quality and functionality.

If you’re looking for awesome hemp t shirts to buy, you’ve arrived at the right article. We have searched far and wide for the best places to buy the best hemp shirts you can find.

These companies use the fiber processed from the outer layer of the stalk of the hemp plant to make a variety of different garment types, including dresses, denim, shirts, shoes and bags.

Mellow Out with Jungmaven

The founder of Jungmaven’s concept to design a high-quality hemp t shirt was born from a desire to make the industry and the public identify and become aware of hemp's potential to heal the planet and become a fashion-forward textile.

A trip through the web catalog of hemp fashion brand Jungmaven is absolutely worth it. Jungmaven specializes in ultra-simple casual fashion, with a quality range including awesome mellowy tees in sun-washed hues.

Cottoned Hemp T Shirt from Levi’s

The Wellthread Collection is Levi’s bold step toward an environmentally sustainable future in fashion. Created in collaboration with another great brand, Outerknown, this collection stands out.

Featuring a trucker jacket, awesome Western shirt and even the classic 511 jeans made with cottonized hemp. The feel of this shirt? As smooth as everyone’s favorite t shirt fabric.

Patagonia Hemp T Shirts Clothing Collection

Patagonia debuted their work with hemp back in 2017 with their workwear collection. Impressed by its rugged performance and lightweight warmth, we are pleased to promote even more hemp offerings up for grabs this year.

Patagonia’s new collection of hemp t shirts and other summer-friendly fashion blends hemp with Tencel lyocell and organic cotton for strength and durability. Not to mention its ability to maintain the incomparable breathability and airy feel that hemp provides.

The short sleeve tees are guaranteed to be your new go-tos for summer; and why not layer on the Trail Wind Crewneck hemp sweatshirt when the evening chills shows up?

Have Fun in a Faherty-Tee

Faherty is a sustainable hemp-oriented, family-run clothing brand based in the US. They sell a small hemp clothing range of affordable wardrobe items including hemp tees, dresses, and shoes.

In addition to the inclusion of hemp in their garments, they also strive to use ethically sourced or recycled materials where possible.

Marked as one of the top hemp clothing brands from the USA, Faherty’s hemp range starts from a reasonable $45, with free shipping to the UK on orders above $160.

To support a small sustainable business like Faherty, head on over to their website to shop their awesome soft white cotton tees.

Style & Nature Coexisting at Tact & Stone

Butter soft, breathable, tailored fit are terms that best describe the look and feel of Tact & Stone’s hemp t shirts. Their tees feel like your favorite tee that keeps getting better, and always looks sharp.

Made from a premium blend of hemp and organic cotton, Tact & Stone t-shirt and shirt collection insists on the right of style, quality, and fashion to coexist with humanity and nature.

In taking responsibility for all design and production decisions, you don’t have to. Tact & Stone moreover strives to eliminate waste; enabling a circular economy and community.

This company values change and vows to continually innovate to provide the best garments possible. Shop their collection of awesome hemp shirts to buy on the website.

Tentree Hemp T Shirts

Tentree’s name comes from the brand’s promise to plant ten new hemp trees for every piece of clothing purchased. And, in partnering with organizations like Eden Project, One Tree Planted, and Trees for the Future, they have lived up to their promise.

Their hemp t shirts are some of their best sellers and we absolutely adore that they plant trees for every item purchased! They use a unique blend of hemp, Tencel, organic cotton, and recycled polyester in their range of hemp t shirts.

Elite Hemp from Ekzo

Ekzo are a San Diego based brand that swears by using only natural fibers in their garments. Ekzo clothing is made from a blend of hemp, alongside linen, cotton, cashmere, and wool.

With stockists across Belgium, Morocco, and Seychelles, this is almost a boutique hemp company. Get your share of their best-selling hemp shirts in olive and clean white.

Go Green with Hempest

Every purchase at Hempest helps achieve the greater goal of a cleaner, greener future for all! Having sourced the best hemp fabrics from across the globe,

Hempest has established great relationships with mills and factories in China, for instance; one of the world's largest producers of Industrial Hemp.

When shopping for awesome hemp shirts to buy at Hempest, you will find their clothing is a big step above the gunny, thick fibers that many envision Hemp clothing to be.

Shop their various collection of awesome hemp shirts to buy, t-shirts, bottoms and shoes on their friendly website to see what we mean.

Sustain the Earth with Toad & Co

Sustainable men's shirts have never been more accessible than with Toad & Co’s fresh spread of handsome button downs, lightweight woven shirts, and subtle prints of pattern.

Thanks to their commitment to eco-friendly fabrics and no-harm business practices, they have both humanity and Mother Earth covered.

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With 100% recycled polyester, hemp, and organic cotton, you really can’t do any harm by supporting Toad & Co. Browse their fine selection of men’s and women’s organic shirts online, among other wearables.

Plant a Tree with Babble & Hemp

Fancy a quality shirt made from an ancient fabric? In order to create a product that would stand out, Babble & Hemp set out to create the highest quality shirt possible.

To do this, of course, they had to source and seek the finest shirtmakers, and build fantastic family run business not far from the mill in China itself.

Having both the mill and shirtmaker so close to each other, near where the hemp is grown, means the supply chain is short, and thereby also minimizes any environmental footprint. What’s best? For every shirt sold, Babble & Hemp plants a tree!

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