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Hemp is illegal in the United States of America, but legal almost everywhere else in the world. Hemp is illegal because of it's close association with cannabis. Industrial Hemp doesn't contain enough THC to get you high and therefore should not be treated like a drug.

The many uses of the plant are still unknown to most Americans and because of the controversies surrounding marijuana, most choose not to pay attention to the massive benefits of this plant. In this article we'll go into many ways this plant is an all around better alternative.

Paper Products

The Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper. The plant is naturally acid-free which prevents it from becoming yellow or brittle over time which can happen to paper. Hemp can be harvested in a few months where trees can take over thirty years. Saving countless trees and forests.

Paper made from trees can be recycled, at most, three times while hemp paper can be recycled up to seven. Air pollution is one of the greatest consequences of using paper made from trees.


One acre of hemp can produce as much material as two or three acres of cotton. The plants fabric also wears better than cotton, getting softer with every wash. It is warmer than cotton, but will also keep you cool in warmer weather.

Growing this plant is also better for the environment because there is little or no need to use pesticides or herbicides to be successful. The most amazing thing about using hemp for clothing and fabric is that it is naturally fire retardant, so there's no need to add chemicals.

Building Materials

Hemp is all around better for the environment, which also applies to its use in making various different building materials. Plastics used today are made using chemicals and have been filling our landfills for far too long. The plant is biodegradable and made without the use of chemicals.

The plant can be used to make cement blocks, insulation, fiberboard, carpet, stucco, plastic and more! Walls made from this plant are mold, rot, and pest free. They can last for hundreds of years and are fire resistant. Talk about a sustainable resource!


Hemp seeds contain high amounts of essential omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and are one of the most nutritious seeds known to man. The plants seeds are high in protein and contain almost every vitamin and mineral that the body needs. They're a great addition to any diet!

There are so many advantages to using hemp that it's hard to see what's taking so long for the laws to catch up. Hopefully, with the recent changes in legality in over 20 states, the plant will soon be recognized as our most sustainable, inexpensive, and eco-friendly resource available.

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