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Even the countries in the European Union and in China with no agricultural guidelines have hemp grown in large quantities. However, be on the lookout for hemp products in those countries as the list of pesticides, which may be approved, is not entirely safe. If you want to know how and where to legally purchase natural CBD oil from hemp or marijuana, read on.

Ethical Standards

In most cases, you have to rely on the ethical standards of companies that produce CBD oil and other cannabis products. This is quite the same with hemp cultivation and marijuana cultivation. This is a big deal as it relates to hem and the reason is that if you were to compare other plants, hemp is considered an accumulator or collector plant. What does that mean?

The Minerals

Well, hemp carries good and bad minerals, gathered from the soil that surrounds it and in so doing, stores the minerals in its tissues. And so, if you are a hemp cultivator using pesticides that are petroleum based and the soil has heavy metals, then you are cultivating hemp plant that is toxic and heavy in good and bad minerals. For that reason, there are many people that complain of their poor experiences in trying CBD oil for the first item.

It is highly recommended then, that you purchase CBD oil in its natural form as you do your vegetable oil. When toxins are present in your cultivation and they are not agency-regulated, these toxins will only wind up in your CBD oil, if not purchased from the right company.  Purchase from a company that takes pride in producing CBD oil from natural and organically grown hemp and without using pesticides. There are also other things to consider about the company you are using to purchase your natural CBD oil. You have to know whether this company considers vertical integration or not.

Vertical Integration

To make sure you are receiving quality CBD oil from the company or dispensary, you must ensure that the cannabis product is vertically integrated. What does this mean? It means that the product must be of the highest quality, but it should also be safe to use and consistent in quality.  The company's hemp or marijuana products should be grown organically or naturally on-site and the final extraction should take place in-house. This is how you maintain quality and vertical integration. It allows the company to assume complete control of the CBD oil product; from start to finish.


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The Testing

The flavor of your CBD oil is also important. This is something that you should watch out for. If the company buys wholesale material from a local farm, it is not feasible to expect that the material will not have pesticides or mold. In such a case, it is best to do a lab test to make sure. In fact, each batch of marijuana or hemp flower as well as the finished CBD oil product should undergo testing by a certified facility that is state-approved. The test should prove safety to consume and the potency level. The patient who will be consuming the CBD oil should also know the test results, even if not requested by them. The certification of the test should inform the patient about the CBD and THC level contained in the product and the material used in producing the product.

Final Thoughts on How and Where to Legally Purchase Natural CBD Oil

You should purchase natural CBD oil from a company that is legally allowed to product it. It should also be a company that has tested its products and used material that is not filled with pesticides, but organic. Red flags to look for are a company with no phone contact, no indication as to where the material for the marijuana plant is sourced, not results from testing and no dosage information. Ambary Gardens in the state of Colorado is a good place to start.

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