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If you are smoking weed or using CBD oil before your workouts, it might sound weird to some people, but it is common among professional athletes and others. Yes, many professional athletes use weed as a means of recovering from intense exercise or their regular training sessions. As an athlete, these activities might cause soreness, tiredness and even feelings of nausea. There are so many individuals who find themselves in this situation and have to be taking ibuprofen or other painkillers to reduce the painful symptoms. Some will take alcohol for the pain while others will use cannabis, which has helped in more ways than one.

Over the Counter Drugs

Moreover, ibuprofen and other over the counter drugs have their own side effects. This is especially true when these over the counter drugs are used quite frequently. In addition, these drugs are toxic with consistent use. And eventually, this kind of toxicity might end up with athletes or others having poor health later on. For that reason, it is recommended that athletes try to stick to something that is less toxic, but more powerful and natural. This is what CBD oil does for you.

In this article, we have put together some facts that will reveal the benefits of marijuana as being a recovery tool and how active individuals can take advantage of these benefits in a post workout or post training session. One thing to note before you are thinking that you don't want to get high after a workout and that is CBD oil does not make you high. It has little and no THC in it. Let's take a closer look at CBD.

A Look at CBD

Cannabinoids have 85 properties that include CBD and THC. These are at a higher concentration than the remaining cannabinoids. When you think about weed that is sold on the street, it boasts the maximum THC, which is what recreational marijuana users are seeking. When the THC is higher, it will give the user an intense high, which professional athletes will not want. You can use the marijuana strain that is higher in CBD, but still has a little THC or you can use the marijuana strain with only CBD in it. It depends on your preference. This is where CBD oil comes into play.

CBD products with reduced THC concentrations are generally used for therapeutic and medical applications. To get the best out of CBD, producers will often extract the CBD from the plant and use it as a concentrate. This results in making it easier to make CBD oil in such as a way as to be advantageous to treating children, athletes and elderly people.  When you visit a marijuana dispensary, be sure to ask the budtender for a high concentration of CBD strain.

Indica Strain

When you are using weed to recover both mentally and physically from pain after working out, it is evident that you might be looking to not only relieve the pain, but to find relaxation and a reduction with inflammation. The ideal marijuana strain to use in CBD oil to achieve these results is usually indica strain.  Indica strains give a more relaxing effect in the body. It helps to not only relax the sore muscles, but also the mind and entire body. You should also make sure that the strain is rich in CBD so you can receive the therapeutic benefits.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for sustained relief of your pain from post workout injuries, it is suggested that you consume edibles rich with CBD concentrate. You should begin with a small dose of CBD to test how the body will respond. Continue to increase the does according to how much you need. However, it is best to consume CBD oil instead of edibles. That is just our recommendation. Everyone has their own personal choice.

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