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If you need more options when rolling a joint, you might want to stick around to hear about the company Juicy hemp wraps. Instead of using regular rolling paper, you can try out hemp wrapping papers. Juicy is a popular brand when it comes to flavored blunt wraps. In this article, we shall take a look at Juicy hemp wraps.

What are Hemp Wraps?

Before we explore Juicy hemp wraps, it is necessary to understand what hemp wraps are. What is the difference between hemp wraps and regular rolling paper?

There are different ways to consume cannabis. Some people might like to incorporate weed into brownies or cookies. Others want to smoke or vaporize the buds. But even with smoking, there are different methods – the use of bongs, vaporizers, or rolling blunts.

Rolling a blunt requires a few tools – rolling paper, the bud of your choice, and a filter.

Most rolling paper is made of wood pulp. Nowadays, hemp wraps are gaining popularity in the cannabis smoking world. Here are some of the reasons why more people are switching to hemp wraps:

  • Hemp wraps have exciting flavors that elevate the smoking experience.
  • They are sometimes cheaper than the average tobacco wrap.
  • Hemp is more sustainable in the long run than other sources of wrapping paper.
  • Hemp might be a healthier option than other materials when burned.

Are Hemp Wraps Safe?

Hemp wraps are considered to be safer than other wrapping materials. This is because hemp wraps are made from hemp fibers. They are durable and strong – in fact, hemp has been used to make clothing for ages because it's a great material.

Additionally, the hemp plant is very easy to maintain. It has natural insect-repellent properties, so there is no need to use pesticides to help hemp grow. Hemp plants grow relatively fast, which means fewer resources are needed to cultivate hemp.

When it comes to answering the question: Are hemp wraps safe? They are as safe as any wrapping paper for smoking. Remember that burning paper releases carbon and ash that can have an impact on your lungs.

Juicy Hemp Wrap Review

Now that we are up to date on what hemp wraps are, let's talk about a popular company for making hemp wraps. Juicy Jay’s hemp wraps give you a natural way to smoke using paper made of pure hemp.

Juicy wraps take the hassle out of rolling a smoke, and they make sure you get a smooth and even burn.

That’s not all. Juicy hemp wraps come in various exciting flavors that can help to mellow out harsher strains. Some of the flavors include Tropical Passion, Mango Papaya Twist, and Grapes Gone Wild. This variety of flavors is bound to keep anyone occupied for ages.

Juicy wraps are made using a “triple-dip” flavor system, and they are sealed tight for extra freshness. They are made using 100% pure hemp and provide a smooth burning experience.

These wraps don't have nicotine or tobacco that can get addictive – only organic hemp paper.

Now, let’s take a look at some aspects of Juicy hemp wraps that bolster its popularity:


Juicy hemp wraps come in a variety of interesting-sounding flavors. Take for example, Grapes Gone Wild or Mango Papaya Twist. The range of flavors makes sure there is a little something to match everyone's tastes.

Some people like to keep their bud smelling like the natural, earthy flavor – for those, Juicy provides an all-natural unflavored hemp paper.

People who want to try out new flavors or mask the harshness of certain strains have the freedom to choose from a range of fruity flavors.


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Some people partake in smoking hemp or weed to get the health benefits, but they might not be in love with the tastes. In such instances, the fruity and sugary flavored blunt wraps can make the whole experience more enticing.


Another important factor when it comes to smoking is the quality of the paper’s burn. Many people will find it incredibly annoying if their paper does not burn evenly.

When it comes to Juicy hemp wraps, the paper will burn evenly. For beginners, it might take a bit of practice to get an even burn.

Additionally, a slow and smooth burn is essential to a good wrapping paper. Juicy Jay blunt wraps also come through when it comes to the quality of the burn. These wraps deliver a smooth burn without a lot of smoke.

Juicy hemp blunt wraps don't burn fast – which means they last longer.


Juicy wraps have a signature fun and bold packaging that attracts the eyes. These wraps come two in a box, and the box is resealable for extra freshness. The packaging makes sure there is no dryness and crumbling.


Juicy wraps are sealed to make sure they are fresh. They are the perfect amount of crisp and moist to make sure you can roll and stick them properly.

Ease of use

Are Juicy hemp wraps easy to use? For a pro, using Juicy wraps will be a breeze. They are easy to roll and stick. For beginners, there might be a bit of practice required to pack a joint. Like most things, rolling takes a bit of practice.

Other Reasons to Choose Juicy Hemp Wraps

Juicy Jay blunt wraps have other redeeming qualities that have people reaching for them all the time. Here are some other reasons why you should pick Juicy Jays hemp wraps when you need to roll a joint:

Juicy Hemp Wraps are Great for Vegans

Many wrapping papers don't take vegans into account. Juicy wraps make sure that all their products are from ethical sources and do not perpetuate needless animal suffering.

They Don’t Contain Nicotine

Some wrapping papers will be made from tobacco. As you might know, the nicotine you get from smoking is addictive and can change the way the brain acts. Juicy wraps use pure hemp paper that does not contain nicotine.

Juicy Hemp Wraps are Affordable

Juicy wraps deliver quality and affordability in a few thin sheets. They might not be the cheapest thing on the market, but they are not priced at exorbitant rates. The price is reasonable when you factor in the quality.

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How to Roll a Juicy Hemp Wrap

Some people will want to know how to roll a Juicy Jay hemp wrap. Before you roll a joint, you will need wrapping paper and cannabis bud. Other tools may include a rolling surface and a grinder to grind the flower.

Steps in Rolling a Juicy Hemp Wrap

  1. Create a cone shape by holding down a corner and rotating the other end of the paper.
  2. When you have a nice cone, put your ground flower inside, making sure that it is leveled evenly inside.
  3. Fold the top and twist to seal the joint. Lick the end to make it stick.
  4. Light up.

If you follow these steps, you will have a perfectly rolled hemp wrap joint ready to be smoked.

Tips for Using Juicy Hemp Wraps

Many people might not be used to using hemp paper. It’s generally easier to use thinner blunt or paper wraps. So, some might find it hard to use Juicy hemp wraps. For such people, this is a list of tips to help with using Juicy hemp wraps:

  • Use a lot more saliva than you would for regular rolling paper. More moisture is needed to get the hemp paper to stick. Using honey to get it to stick is also a good idea.
  • Bake or dry the blunt after rolling to make sure it is firm in shape. To do this, hold it above a flame – not close enough to light it, just enough to harden it.
  • You might have to use a roller. It takes a bit of practice before you can roll hemp paper properly. When using Juicy jay, blunt rollers might work a charm.

Final Thoughts

Juicy hemp wraps are one of the best hemp papers to use for rolling joints. In this article, we have taken a look at some of the great qualities of this popular brand.

We have also talked about how to roll a joint using Juicy hemp wraps. These are a great option when choosing hemp paper, or any rolling paper.

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