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In this version of the Just Live CBD review, we review this CBD brand offering athlete-focused soft gels, gummies, tinctures, and topicals.

Just Live’s broad-spectrum products contain an abundance of cannabinoids and terpenes without the high, so it’s perfect for active people.

Just Live’s product line includes products for athletes and everyday CBD users alike, including pre- and post-workout CBD supplements, great-tasting tinctures, and topicals that target everything from regular muscle aches and joint pain to more intense post-workout recovery.

Before we review the products in more details, let’s review the brand behind them.

About Just Live CBD

With a motto that rings “Athlete founded, nature grounded”, Just Live’s core philosophy is successfully reflected in both their CBD products and manufacturing process.

Just Live sources their hemp strictly from North American organic farms, which ensures high-quality material and 100% safe products.

All of their hemp is put through a delicate decarboxylation process, to ensure that all cannabidiolic acid is transformed into the purest CBD along with some of hemp’s other most beneficial cannabinoids.

With a core mission of being completely transparent, it’s no wonder they have founding athletes competing as high as the Olympics! This core philosophy is undoubtedly reflected in each of their unique CBD products, as you will discover below.

Just Live’s Best Features

  • They provide high-quality products formulated particularly for athletes
  • The products come in a variety of different potencies
  • Just Live offers reasonable pricing compared with competitors
  • All products are made from broad-spectrum CBD extract
  • All of their hemp is grown on U.S organic farms
  • Just Live offers discounts for military and medical personnel and teachers
  • Their website offers useful information regarding CBD and how it may improve health
  • Wholesale options are on offer
  • You get a 30-day money-back guarantee with every purchase
  • Just Live coupon codes are available!

Just Live Tinctures Assessment

A complete version of the Just Live CBD Review must include a closer review of its best offerings. It is the contention of the experts at CTU that the broad-spectrum Mint Drops are just what the doctor ordered for post-recovery workouts!

Made with MCT oil, this formula is made to metabolize cannabinoids in your body. These drops will magically relieve any issues associated with exercise and activity that culminates in tension and stress build-up.

To help maintain and foster a healthy body and mind, you can this tincture an essential between your smoothies, supplements, and regular diet. If you don’t like the mint flavor, the broad-spectrum Natural Drops offers a traditional flavor as well.

Formulated with the same MCT Just oils as the broad-spectrum Mint Drops, this high-strength tincture helps to boost post-workout recovery and improve the quality of sleep.

If you are new to using tincture, Just Live recommends placing one drop under your tongue for starters each day or every 6 hours. Upgrade the quality of your life with the broad-spectrum Just Live Natural Drops 300 mg for just $30.

Just Live Topicals Examination

Regarding muscle and joint pain, CBD topicals are the perfect solution as they target specific areas of the body. Since athletes excessively or regularly struggle with pains related to ongoing activity, a topical is most likely going to be one of the most effective products.

Just Live offers wonderful topicals for pain relief in two different forms, being a roll-on and a cream. These are made using a similar formula; however, the roll-on provides a hands-free application. They can be purchased in 300mg, 750mg, and 1,500mg CBD and is made with refreshing menthol, arnica, and aloe leaf juice.

Just Live CBD Gummies Appraisal

Another great way for athletes or CBD enthusiasts to consume CBD is by chewing a gummy or two. Offering a familiar way to use CBD, Just Live CBD vegan gummies are loaded with Vitamin C, 25mg per gummy, and various other beneficial metabolites.

For only $39.99, you can get a package of 30 gummies. Feel free to use our Just Live coupon code provided in this article to help you save on this product!

Just Live CBD Kits’ Evaluation

If you're keen to acquire more than one or multiple products from Just Live, we recommend their kits. Providing you with an assortment of products at a bargain price, Just Live offers the following CBD kits:

  • The Performance Kit for $119.99 comes with pre-workout capsules (750mg), Freeze Therapy Roll-On (300mg), and Post-Workout Capsules (900mg).
  • The Wellness Kit for $113.97 includes a pack of Vitamin C gummies, CBD Vegan Soft gels and the Deep Sleep soft gels.
  • Sleep Kit ($116.98) – Comes with the Broad-spectrum CBD drops (1,500mg) and the Deep Sleep soft gels (750mg).
  • Starter Kit ($128.96) – Comes with the Broad-spectrum CBD drops (300mg), the Freeze Therapy Roll-On (300mg), the CBD Vegan

Just Live CBD Review Final Thoughts

Just Live offers some of the most unique products on the market. The reason for their particularity comes with the fact that they developed all of their products from all-natural ingredients you won't find anywhere else.

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Beyond the above said, these products are particularly suited to athletes and others who are looking for an all-in-one CBD experience – and it certainly does the job well.

From pain-killing tinctures to anti-inflammatory gummy bears, Just Live products are ideal for anyone wanting quick relief. Being a broad-spectrum company, you know you can just live pain-free, with Just Live, always.

Fred Hernandez - Cannabis industry expert writer
Fred Hernandez

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