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Women using CBD shampoo in her hair surrounded by cannabis products.

Women using CBD shampoo

Of the many different uses that we know cannabis for, hair health's significant impact is one of the most amazing. Luckily, it is not difficult to make. By following a simple procedure, you can make CBD shampoo for use at home.

Many people tend to associate CBD shampoo with marijuana. In contrast, it's been shown from several trials that the hemp plant (which contains much less THC and more CBD than marijuana) is the best raw material for making CBD shampoo.

Is CBD Shampoo Good for Hair Treatment?

The focus on CBD here is mainly because it is the only cannabinoid that positively impacts hair health and growth. Speaking of natural beauty and hair care products, there are already several samples out there, most of which are all useful.

However, CBD or hemp hair shampoo packs a different punch and has stood out for many users today. The use of CBD or hemp for hair loss is gaining popularity by the day.

Specifically, products like hemp shampoo and conditioner are known to help with several mainstream hair problems, ranging from promoting hair growth to moisturizing your scalp and preventing hair breakage.

So, if you've been wondering how to make CBD shampoo, then this guide is for you. We'll also touch on some of the acclaimed benefits of cannabis in hair care products.

CBD Oil Benefits for Hair

People have used CBD oil for hair growth for several years. But when it comes to using it in shampoo products, it is not yet as popular, hence the many questions about its benefits.

CBD can reach deep into the hair follicles base, moisturizing each strand from the inside out. It is fast in action and has a long-lasting effect, while the carrier oils present in the product also provide rich nutrients for hair growth.

How to Make CBD Shampoo

You can either make your own CBD oil for the process or buy one from any of the dispensaries near you. Whatever the case may be, the base material for making CBD oil is the hemp plant or a specially grown hemp strain with high CBD content.

By and large, the process is easy, straightforward, and can be done at home. It typically takes between 1-2 minutes to prepare. After you have your CBD oil ready, the next thing is to make your own shampoo. The following are the ingredients you'll need to get started.

  • One cup of aloe vera gel
  • Half cup of warm water
  • One cup of CBD oil
  • Four tablespoons of honey
  • One tablespoon of baking powder
  • Half cup of castile soap
  • One tablespoon each of any two essential oils of your choice, ex. orange and lavender essential oils

Tools Needed

  • A mixing spoon
  • A storage container


All you need to do is mix the CBD oil in with all the other ingredients and mix thoroughly using the spoon until you achieve an even, lump-free content. If well-mixed, your CBD shampoo is ready for use. If it is too dense add more water until it reaches a shampoo like texture. 

Customizing Your CBD Oil Shampoo

The essential ingredients for the process is CBD oil, water, and baking powder. The essential oils are meant to add flavor to the mix. More ingredients can be added to change up the effect or result you get from using the shampoo. For instance, with different nutrients, you can alter the result you get to suit your kind of hair.

Add Ingredients to Cater to Your Hair Type

Adding coconut oil, castor oil, or olive oil will significantly improve curly hair's sheen and texture. The same applies to those with kinky hair.

For those who have a sensitive scalp, a few drops of tea tree oil in the mix can cause a soothing effect on the scalp. You can add lemon juice, for instance, to give your blonde hair a better shine.

Essentially, you have a lot of room to play around with and customize your homemade cannabis shampoo for an enhanced result.

It is also advisable to speak with a skincare professional, say a dermatologist, to understand your CBD shampoo's health implications before using it, especially if you have sensitive skin or suffer from any skin condition.

More research is still being carried out in this regard. Hence, you want to exercise some caution while using the product.

Benefits of CBD Shampoo

Does CBD shampoo help hair grow? If the results achieved by most users of CBD shampoo is anything to go by, then this shampoo does help hair grow. It is a product that has drawn massive attention in the hair care industry.

More people become inclined to use natural products, such as mint shampoo, peppermint shampoo, lavender shampoo, and rosemary mint shampoo, one that stands out in effect cannabis shampoo.

Here are some reasons why you might want to give cannabis shampoo a try:

Promote Hair Growth

One key benefit of CBD shampoo is its ability to foster healthy hair growth. This property stems from the presence of essential ingredients that help hair growth. CBD shampoo contains omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids that help to stimulate hair growth.

For people who have damaged hair, these fatty acids also help in keratin formation to restore healthy hair growth. Lots of hair care products now contain some element of hemp because of this property.

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Moisturizing Effect on the Scalp

For people who suffer from dryness and breakage of hair, CBD oil is an apt remedy to save your hair. Dry hair often irritates the scalp. Using shampoo infused with cannabis can help prevent dryness by providing a moisturizing effect on the scalp, which of course, reduces hair breakage.

Prevention of Hair Breakage

Hair breakage is undoubtedly the most annoying hair issue that a lot of women deal with. However, with sufficient and consistent use of hemp oil products, significant improvement soon manifests. Ideally, products that have hemp oil in them will nourish your scalp and strengthen the keratin layer of your hair strands.

Bottom Line

CBD shampoo is just one of the many products inspired by the remarkable effect of cannabis. It is highly beneficial for maintaining healthy hair and improving the texture and sheen of your hair.

People who also have skin irritation can often rely on CBD shampoo and other hemp-derived hair products. However, if you have any underlying skin condition, it is advisable to seek professional advice.

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