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Mission Farms CBD is a company that was started by a group of Oregon-based families. Each of those families knew someone that was facing health challenges and traditional medicine was not meeting their needs for various reasons.

Mission Farms CBD outright acknowledges that the lack of regulation in the CBD market is a problem for wanting consumers. Out of that need for regulated medicine, a company was born and soon found itself in full bloom.

Welcome to our version of the comprehensive Mission Farms CBD Review, in which we aim to share the roots of Mission Farms and what they have to offer to rightful CBD constituents across the globe. In this version of the all-inclusive Mission Farms Review, we take a closer look at how and why this outstanding company came to be.

Napa Valley Hemp is the Happiest!

Grown just outside of Bend, Oregon, in what is affectionately called the “Napa Valley of Hemp”, Mission Farms are thriving. With many hemp farmers and buyers from around the world visiting the farms to proclaim its quality. Indeed, the hemp grown at Mission Farms is happy.

Why are hemp plants so “happy” on Mission Farms? Because they are eagerly producing the most CBD and nutrient-rich extract in the world. Beyond that, here are a few more reasons why Mission Farms Hemp is accredited by some as the best in the U.S of A…

  • Grown in nutrient-rich, volcanic soil
  • Blessed with natural sunlight
  • Daily water feeding directly from the Deschutes River
  • Therapeutic grade for the optimization of medicinal benefits
  • Pesticide-free, chemical-free, all-natural, 100% organic.
  • Planted and tended by hand

Organic or Nothing

Apart from what has been said, what sets this company apart from most CBD companies?  It’s clear when you look at the labels on other products and see a plethora of unknown ingredients. Mission Farms only use organic flavorings and essential oils.

Mission Farms controls the premium quality of every single plant and how it is raised, harvested, dried, and extracted.  They never sacrifice the essence of the hemp plant by using pesticides or by purchasing CBD on the open and untrusted market.

With a deep-rooted passion for organic hemp growing, they love to share their full-spectrum CBD solutions with great families like yours.

Unique and Daring Products

Most companies sell a plain old bottle of CBD, but these folks are different. Thanks to personal ailments, they have personal stories representing specific needs, and thus have formulated the most unique products.

At Mission Farms CBD, their forte is crafting full-spectrum CBD products that are specifically formulated to target specific health conditions related to sleep, discomfort, and stress. But besides the average CBD product available from numerous companies today, Mission Farms present a few uniquely patented products that you might like, such as the ones listed below;

Mission Farms’ all-natural CBD Bath Soaks are soaked with goat’s milk, essential therapeutic oils, and full-spectrum high-quality CBD. Adding a handful of CBD Bath Soak to a hot bath turns your own bathroom into a spa. Relax, unwind, enjoy, then emerge from your bath with deeply moisturized skin, soothed muscles, and a rejuvenated spirit.

This one is so interesting that it’s simply too good to pass up! Especially when Mission Farms is offering a superb deal where you buy two and get the third one for free. There are four different variations of the CBD Goat Milk Soap to choose from.

Mission Farms’ Processing Philosophy: From Farm to Family

The all-inclusive Mission Farms CBD review wouldn’t be complete without the mention of their main motto. ‘From farm to Family’ is a prevalent theme on Mission Farm’s website, and it can hardly be missed as you browse their products and visually-appealing pages. What might seem like a simple catch-phrase, really does carry a deep meaning.

With CBD being largely unregulated, many CBD products are sourced from industrial hemp grown in unregulated countries and processed in factories that have no oversight.

So, before starting Mission Farms, the founders had a serious issue with the fact that they didn’t know what dangerous chemicals might be contained in a said CBD product.

At Mission Farms, they believe in the philosophy of Farm-to-Family, meaning, they cultivate only the highest quality hemp plants with hand-harvested care. Then, these artisan, full-spectrum CBD products are brought directly to you at the best price. From the farm, to their family, to your family and beyond.

 Mission Farms CBD


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Mission Farms Outstanding Traits

We have summed it up in the following bullet-points. And remember, for all these reasons, at Mission Farms you are guaranteed that you are getting the highest quality CBD.

  • They tend to every plant from seed to harvest
  • They test everything with licensed, 3rd-party labs to ensure purity
  • They deliver products to you with the same confidence as when handed down to their own family members
  • From the Mission Farms farm to your family, they oversee it all
  • The facilities where the products are made meet all health regulations and Mission Farms CBD oversees that process as well.
  • They educate their customers.
  • Trial sizes are available so you can test the products and make sure it is right for you.

All in all, Mission Farms consists of a group of families who are committed to providing the highest quality all-natural products for their own family – to your family.

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They take pride in their company and the products that translate to the best experience for consumers.

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Final Thoughts on Mission Farms CBD

If you are on a mission to find the best and some of the most unique CBD products available on the market today, then we highly recommend giving Mission Farms CBD more than a try.

This is a family-run company that has grown into something miraculous. And if you have been lucky enough to read the all-inclusive Mission Farms CBD review in detail, it’s easy to see why.

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