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As a proud pet owner, it’s such an important priority to keep your pet healthy and happy and wagging its tail. One company that stands out in its effort to improve the health and overall wellbeing of pets the world over, is Petly CBD.

In this Petly CBD review and coupon blog publication, we consider why this company is superior among many of its counterparts, in addition to reviewing some of their best-loved pet-oriented products. Read on to learn how your pet can benefit from this compassionate CBD company and its pet-friendly offerings.

Company Origins & Aspirations

Petly CBD’s entire catalog contains cannabidiol extracts formulated specifically for dogs and cats. With a firm belief in the power of the science behind cannabidiol and the way in which it interacts with the endocannabinoid system of pets, the founders are truly passionate about what they do.

With company aspirations that go beyond their instant profit, this Petly CBD review blog publication wouldn’t be complete without emphasizing Petly’s core charitable mission: Supporting the health and wellbeing of pets across the world by giving a dollar of each product sold to needy pets in the USA.

Petly’s Superior Methods Speak Volumes

Petly CBD’s superior extraction method works as follows: The organic hemp plants are harvested and milled. They then go through a state of the art extraction process. This process results in a specific oil that contains an abundance of cannabinoids.

By using a food-grade ethanol extraction method, Petly successfully produces a pure and clean extract that is entirely free of any harmful chemicals and metals. As a final step to the extraction process, the oil is distilled to separate the hemp extract from the ethanol.

Founded on scientific research, all Petly products are subject to rigorous laboratory tests which measure the number of cannabinoids and terpenes present. But beyond quality products, Petly CBD goes even further than formulation and manufacturing, by being involved in initiatives and projects that contribute to the wellbeing of pets around the world.

Our Top Petly Product Picks

Petly CBD Oil for Small Dogs

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This CBD option is specifically created for small breeds and puppies. Carrying 125 mg of CBD in each 30 ml bottle, this dosage is ideal for all dogs weighing in at less than 24 pounds, this liquid is ideal for you. The solution contains 100% organic, refined coconut oil which positively accentuates the CBD oil itself.

Petly CBD Oil for Medium Dogs

This solution is formulated for medium-sized pups, between 24 and 50 pounds. It carries 250 mg of CBD in each 30 ml bottle, and is nicely blended with the base oil. The recommended amount for medium-sized doggies is 8.3 mg of CBD per day, and they love the flavor too.

CBD Oil For Large Dogs

This option is for the bigger guys – including 500 mg of CBD in each bottle, this solution is ideal for any dogs weighing in at over 50 pounds. Blended with coconut oil, this oil has the ability to soothe your dog’s psychological and physical ailments, given a daily dosing of 16.6 mg of CBD.

Petly CBD Oil for Furry Felines

If you are a cat person, this section is for you! Petly manufactures a CBD solution that helps kitties to boost their overall health and wellbeing. Containing 125 mg of CBD blended with pure coconut oil, 4.1 mg of CBD per day will keep the doctor away from your precious feline.

CBD Dog Chews

If you have an urge to pamper your canine loved ones, it’s a wise choice to opt for healthy and CBD delicious treats that will put a wag (back) in their tails. Petly CBD produces delightful doggie treats that include CBD to keep your pup more youthful. Each treat contains 2 mg of CBD, so you can give more than one treat per day for good behavior.

Manufactured with a list of pooch-loving ingredients including beef liver, healthy sweet potato, brewer’s yeast, hearty flaxseed oil, and yummy bacon flavor, these snacks will soon become your pet’s favorite treat!

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Petly CBD Summary

  • Their hemp is 100% organically cultivated in Colorado.
  • All their CBD is broad-spectrum.
  • All their CBD uses coconut oil as its base.
  • Dogs and cats love Petly products equally.
  • They do 3rd-party lab testing.
  • Their lab test results & COA’s are available to the public.
  • There are discount coupon codes available to help you save on their quality products.

Petly CBD Review Conclusion

Traits that make Petly CBD a most appealing company encompass the fact that they make use of a clean food grade ethanol extraction method, third party lab testing and premium organic plants. When it comes to making CBD products for pets, quality and consistency are key, and Petly has got it all covered.

The high-quality CBD products reviewed in this article have proven to be successful in providing an overall boost to pets, in addition to relieving the symptoms of numerous physical and physiological conditions. We recommend Petly to all pets who want to be a step ahead in life.

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