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If you are one of the many people who suffer from anxiety, then this product might just become your best friend. Providing CBD for a scare-free life, the CBD company Sunday Scaries is wholly unique in their take on making the world a better place with CBD – and it starts on a Sunday…

What the Heck is ‘Sunday Scaries’?

Don’t worry if you’re still confused, this Sunday Scaries review will soon enlighten you! The Sunday Scaries is a term that refers to the anxiety that sets in on Sunday night. It refers to the impending fear of the return to the office, school or whatever work you do outside your comfort zone.

Whether you call them The Sunday Scaries, The Sunday Blues, Day of the Dead, The Shakes, The Dread – they all refer to the same thing: The anxiety about entering the week ahead and the fear of life and the stress that goes along with it.

Luckily, thanks to two very brave, innovative and thoughtful guys (discussed in the next section), there is now a brand that calls itself the Sunday Scaries. This company sells CBD products that aim to relieve anxiety associated with getting back to the reality of you’re the schedule of the week ahead. Read on as we continue this thread below.

What Do They Offer and Why?

The Sunday Scaries CBD company speaks to the majority of the population. Life can be overwhelming, and Sunday Scaries are well aware of this, which is why they aim to:

  • Calm the mind
  • Relieve work pressure
  • Increase focus
  • Reset your equilibrium
  • Help you deal with relationships

With that said, it’s time to delve into the story of the founders behind such an appealing product. Who would have thought the Sunday Scaries could be so well conceptualized and innovated into one of the best CBD products on the market today? The next section reveals all.

The Main Men Behind Sunday Scaries

The founders of Sunday Scaries are Mike and Beau; two former stressed out bar owners turned CBD advocates. With a firm belief in a sense of community and a good dose of humor as the best medicine, formerly, they both used to suffer from excessive worrying and thought they were completely alone in this feeling.

That’s, until they discovered the multitude of other people suffering from the same thing: Sunday Scaries! So, in order to help others who shared the same feelings Sunday Series was built to transform a worrisome nation into a more relaxed one. They want everyone to mellow out, have fun, and enjoy their lives – which is after all, very important in life.

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Spotlight Product 1: Sunday Scaries Bra Bearies

one bottle of CBD gummies on white background, Sunday scaries review
Sunday Scaries Bra Bearies

Bra Bearies are made to be enjoyed by sons, daughters, and family members alike who want to de-stress while supporting a good cause. That’s right. For every purchase of Bra Bearies made, $2 is donated to The Pink Agenda to support breast cancer research.

Made to destress the stressed, while boosting your immunity and giving back to a good cause – this proprietary blend of the high-quality broad-spectrum CBD is a real winner.

With added Vitamin C, these tasty, soft Strawberry Gummies are the perfect solution to overcoming daily frustrations in supporting a relaxed, focused & on-track vibe all through the week. Containing 10 MG of CBD per gummy and no THC, these Strawberry CBD Gummies are perfect for;

  • Destressing while giving back to a good cause
  • Boosting your immunity
  • Starting your day with a clear mind
  • Overcoming daily frustrations
  • Promoting mental clarity

Spotlight Product 2: Sunday Scaries Unicorn Jerky

sunday scaries review unicorn jerky

Absolutely scrumptious, Unicorn Jerky is a CBD candy. It is amazing by all candy standards. As for the story that inspired this colorful creation; it’s deep and profound. After the co-founder Mike Sill’s sister passed away in 2011 from suicide, he set off in a partnership to create this joyful candy in her memory and share it with the world.

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Makes $24.50 @ THC +

The Tutti Frutti flavor of this delicious candy is best described as a combination of several fruity flavors together, of which apple is the most dominant. Sunday Scares also donate £1 from every sale of the Unicorn Jerky to the Trevor Project: Another great cause supporting schools and curbing youth suicide.

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What We Love Most About Sunday Scaries

  • This vegan blend of high-quality, broad-spectrum CBD with vitamins D3 and B12 is 100% cruelty-free and gelatin-free.
  • The brand’s assorted flavors are very appealing, and seem to lessen the natural, earthy, and grassy taste usually present in help products.
  • Sunday Scaries CBD gummies are infused with vitamin C to boost the immune system.
  • You can benefit 20% discount on the monthly subscription of the Sunday Scaries products.
  • This company donates to charities – and we support this!
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