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Leading international provider of cannabis and CBD hemp harvesting equipment, Triminator, released their flagship machine, the Triminator KIRPY CBD Hemp Harvester in 2018.

In collaboration with KIRPY, a French specialty equipment manufacturer, the CBD Hemp Harvester is a whole plant harvester designed for large-scale hemp farming.

Designed for infield cutting and loading of whole hemp plants, which takes place prior to CBD extraction, the Triminator CBD Hemp Harvester is an automatic, whole plant harvester for cutting, notching, and loading entire plants.

With a capability to harvest up to 5 acres per day, the KIRPY Hemp Harvester efficiently takes care of large-scale hemp crops.

How Was the Triminator Born?

With the rising interest in hemp, the designers of the Triminator wanted to offer farmers a way to lower their production costs by means of automation. Historically, if you wanted to harvest CBD hemp flowers, you had to harvest by hand, of course!

With the growth in the industry, these guys and gals recognized a need for a new way of thinking and new harvesting technology.

The Triminator CBD Hemp Harvester eliminates the need for manual labor while maintaining the purity and integrity of the CBD flowers, as per the words of Dana Mosman, CEO of Triminator.

More on the Company Behind the Machine

Everything they do at Triminator starts with the cannabis farmer in mind. The story began in Northern California, when a few grower friends requested a machine able to trim premium CBD flower at a commercial scale.

From humble beginnings, the company worked tirelessly to engineer equipment that fulfills the increasing needs of growers.

The next step was to expand the product line to include the entire process from the field to the final dried product. In partnering with Eteros Technologies and Mobius, Triminator now offers the most comprehensive range of cannabis and hemp processing equipment in the world.

In proud support of supplying some of the most advanced farms across the globe and to maintain its commitment to supporting farmers of all sizes, Triminator continues to engineer harvest solutions based on feedback from the farming community.

The ultimate aim? To help growers upsurge productivity and profitability in the swiftly evolving cannabis market.

Triminator Best Traits

What makes the Triminator CBD Hemp Harvester such a good investment? We’ve summed up its best traits and features in this section.

  • Rapid Harvests
  • Harvest up to 5 acres per day
  • It’s sized for Flexible Configurations
  • Speed Notching
  • Trusted Worldwide
  • It’s built to last (See more below)
  • It’s 100% Farm-ready
  • It has Carbide Blades
  • Used by some of the best in the industry

Designed to Last

Did we mention the Triminator isn’t called something that sounds like the Terminator for nothing? Designed to infinitely harvest commercially grown CBD hemp, you can harvest plants with a stalk diameter of up to 2.5″ and a height of up to 5′.

Taking after its former cousin the KIRPY tobacco harvester, which the team of designers rigorously tested on hemp, the Hemp Harvester machine was re-engineered to meet the unique demands of the hemp plant.

The result is the KIRPY CBD Hemp Harvester, designed specifically for fast, worry-free hemp harvests.

Able to attach to any tractor with a PTO drive and 40 HP, the CBD Hemp Harvester can be raised and lowered and be adapted to particular field and crop conditions, such as flat and sloping terrains.

With tons of prior experience in tobacco harvesting incorporated into its design, the KIRPY CBD Hemp Harvester is specially patented to withstand the rigors of commercial farms.

Let us not neglect to mention, KIRPY counts among its string of renowned clients to the likes of Souza Cruz, Philip Morris, and JTI Tobacco Alliance Tobacco. With over 1000 machines sold worldwide to date, the KIRPY harvester is time-tested and farmer proven, for sure.

Servicing and Handling

The Triminator CBD Hemp Harvester is friendly to manual adjustment to handle stalks ranging from .5″ to 2.5″. With that said, it is recommended to keep stalk size consistent throughout the field to complete a successful harvest.

Available with optional Carbide blades the KIRPY can harvest up to 5 acres per day between blade swaps.

Built for the rigors of the farm, the KIRPY harvester can be serviced in the field with basic hand tools as necessary. The Triminator is ready to go on any farm and makes less work of a mountain of hemp!

Machine Processing

The harvester cuts the plant at the base, notches the stem, and transports the entire plant to a transport trailer, which then moves it to the processing facility.

CBD hemp flowers are then extracted for use in topicals, edibles, and medicines, which utilize CBD for a rapidly expanding number of products.

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Product Specs FYI

  • Stems/Hour: 2200
  • Area/Day: 5 Acres
  • PTO Power: 40 HP
  • PTO Speed: 540 RPM
  • Height: 6.39 FT / 1.95 M
  • Width: 12.83 FT / 3.91 M
  • Length: 13.45 FT / 4.10 M
  • Weight: 2139 LB / 970 KG

Influence on The CBD Market

It’s no new news that the CBD market is substantially booming. Expected to grow to $22 billion by 2022, hemp farmers are in need of equipment to help meet the rising demand.

In fact, it is said that one of the most important abilities of hemp farmers to have is increased access to new harvesting equipment. There’s no end in sight for the Triminitor.

Where to Get the Triminator

The new Triminator KIRPY Hemp Harvester is available directly through Triminator’s website or by calling them for a delivery. Get your Triminator for $32,500.00 and have it shipped in 3 business days maximum.

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