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Hemp pre-rolls are a relatively new addition to the U.S. hemp market. But they are a rapidly growing sector.

Hemp Flower

After the 2018 Farm Bill was passed, there’s been a proliferation of hemp-based businesses including hemp-centric pre-rolled joint companies. Inside these tightly rolled joints, you’ll find pure and ground-up hemp flower buds of different strains ranging in quality and cannabinoid content.

No matter what type of pre-rolls you buy, they’ll feature under 0.3 percent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the chemical compound known to produce a high.

Hemp Pre-Rolled Joints

Hemp or CBD pre-rolls are just like traditional THC joints, except they’re made with industrial hemp flower instead of flower buds from the marijuana plant that contain a high percentage of THC.

Marijuana strains usually contain high levels of THC and almost no CBD. Hemp flower buds, however, contain a higher level of CBD and trace amounts of THC, which render the pre-roll non-hallucinogenic.

Benefits of Hemp/CBD Pre-Rolls

Many consumers turn to pre-rolls for their convenience, efficacy, and fast activation time. You’ll start feeling the effects of a hemp CBD joint almost immediately after smoking one.

Users report that joints provide quick relief for a variety of health conditions including anxiety, inflammation, pain, and more—without the psychotropic effects.

Cigarette smokers have also been turning to hemp joints and cigarettes as an alternative to the toxin-laced tobacco cigarettes. Hemp pre-rolls are seen as a non-addictive alternative to nicotine.

Some studies have linked CBD to the regulation of areas in the brain that are associated with addiction mechanisms. More research needs to be done, but CBD has shown promise in addiction treatment.

8 Great Hemp Pre Rolls to Try

Remember that hemp pre rolls don’t make you high – but they give you a healthy dose of CBD, which is beneficial for many people. Let's get into the best pre roll brands.

1.     Dr Hemp Pre Rolls

Dr Hemp crafts 1.2g pre-rolls made from 100% organic hemp flower. Dr Hemp sources their hemp flowers from farms that don't use any pesticides – they are all-natural. Dr Hemp comes in exciting flavors – we are talking watermelon, blueberry, passion fruit, banana, and more.

This premium hemp pre roll contains 80% hemp flower and 20% kief. Kief, also known as cannabis crystals, contains resin that carries the terpenes and cannabinoids that give off the smell of the flower. Dr Hemp pre rolls calm the mind and make smoking enjoyable with their exciting aromas.

2.     Secret Nature CBD

Secret Nature CBD rolls come in a box of 7 pre rolled hemp joints. They are each made of 100% fresh ground buds with Indica-dominant hemp.

The box is sealed and air-proof to keep the rich terpenes fresh until you need to smoke one. If you are looking for pre-rolled Indica joints, then Secret Nature CBD provides some of the best pre-rolled joints.

Secret Nature crafts high-quality joints free of shaking, trimming, and biomass filling materials. This hemp pre-roll uses organic hemp paper for rolling the bud and comes with a hemp crutch-mouthpiece. One joint weighs 4.2g with 0.6g of CBD in each. It comes in various flavors, such as cherry cough, melon frost, and secret dream.

3.     Cannaflower

Cannaflower offers a new way to consume cannabis flowers without the added high. Each CBD pre-roll is hand-trimmed and hand-rolled to provide a personal touch to each joint. The bud used in each pre rolled hemp joint is premium and sourced from organic sources.

Each pack contains five pre-rolls, each weighing 1g. One pre-roll will deliver a punch of cannabinoids that are great for regulating pain, stress, sleep, and appetite. Additionally, this CBD pre-roll contains terpenes that exude mouth-watering scents when smoked.

Cannaflower CBD comes in four strains – sour candy, Hawaiian haze, white CBG, and OG Kush.

4.     Tillmans Tranquils CBD Pre-rolls

These CBD pre-rolled joints are made by filling a pre-rolled cone with cut and dried hemp flower. Each smoke contains 1 gram hemp flower that delivers a significant dose of CBD for your daily use. The hemp flowers are 100% American grown and lab tested.

Tillmans Tranquils hemp leaf pre rolls deliver a boost of energy that can help with reducing anxiety and stress. Each smoke is smooth and burns evenly, allowing you a pleasant experience. It can also help with improving insomnia, appetite and reducing pain.

5.     Organic CBD Nugs

Organic CBD Nugs presents a portable CBD pre rolled joint – ready to use straight out of the package. Each premier pre-roll contains 1g of trichome-rich organic hemp flower. These are great for quitting tobacco cigarettes as they help smokers to deal with nicotine withdrawal.

Sourced from high-quality premium strains, each pre-roll delivers high CBD and low THC content. The THC content is less than 0.3%, so it is perfectly legal in the US. The hemp flowers used are hand-trimmed, and each hemp leaf pre-roll is rolled to perfection, with no shaking for maximum quality and consistency.

6.     Just CBD Signature Series Pre-rolls

Just CBD Signature pre-rolls are made from high CBD hemp flowers. Each pre rolled hemp joint comes in a sealed tube containing 1g of hemp flower and 100mg of CBD. Just CBD pre rolled joints come in three strains, including Hawaiian Haze, Master Kush, and BaOx.

Each pre-roll delivers a hit of cannabinoids that are great for regulating pain, stress, and anxiety. It also contains terpenes that give the pre-roll a pleasant smell and flavor. This CBD pre-roll is mellow and will not bring on a high.

7.     Moon Rocket CBD Pre Roll by CBD American Shaman

The moon rocket CBD pre-roll comes coated in CBG kief and is a potent CBD product. CBD helps with promoting relaxation. Each 1 gram pre-roll comes ready to light and go. Made in the USA using high-quality hemp flowers, this premium hemp pre-roll is the perfect substitute for weed or tobacco smoking.

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8.     Loot Suver Haze

When it comes to Loot CBD, every bud is hand-picked and trimmed. The Suver Haze strain is noted for its spicy pepper flavor offset by fruity notes. Each 1g CBD pre rolled hemp joint comes with 12% CBD and less than 0.3% THC. It is excellent for pain relief and curbing insomnia and appetite problems.

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