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With medical marijuana becoming more accessible to more individuals across the nation people are looking for many ways to use it. For a more casual user some of the more intense methods of use like dabbing or smoking concentrates may not be appealing. They seek a softer means of use and edibles can be a great way to do that – as long as you don’t over-do it of course.

It is apparent that the edible industry is booming with more and more casual users on the scene. These novice users can be gullible about the ways to buy and make edibles. Here are a few myths that you can be aware of to avoid being fooled.

Myths About Marijuana Cooking

brownies on plate on wood table, myths about marijuana cooking
5 Myths about Marijuana Cooking


Throwing weed into brownie mix will get you high. This is not true. The THC needs to be bound to some sort of fat or oil. The best way to make your pot brownies is to cook the plant matter with some butter and strain it. Use this product in place of the butter/oil in the brownie mix recipe. Just throwing your weed into brownie mix is a waste and will probably result in bad tasting brownies.


You can overdose eating edibles. There is no such thing as a fatal overdose when it comes to marijuana. With edibles you would simply fall asleep or vomit before you could ingest enough marijuana to kill you. You can get really messed up so do not try this and definitely do not drive after eating them.


You can only make desserts with cannabutter. Anyone who thinks this is true clearly has never looked at the ingredients on a lot of foods. Butter and oil are used in a plethora of cooking recipes. All you need to do is replace the butter or oil in the recipe with the cannbutter and you are off to the races.


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Mangos Increase Potency. This rumor started because mangoes and cannabis both contain myrcene, a terpenoid that contributes to flavor and smell. According to High Times no formal studies into this effect have been done, and this ‘mango mojo’ is most likely a placebo effect.


Cannabutter cooking takes forever to complete. This is not true. The process only takes a few hours to complete. You can let the butter simmer at about two hundred and forty degrees for a couple of hours to complete the process.

Conclusion on Myths About Marijuana Cooking

There you have it. For any novice cannabis edible eaters I hope that can clear the air for you some. Now you can go out into the world of edibles and not be fooled by of the rumors you may hear about edible eating.

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