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Consumable cannabis liquid would fall in the ‘cannabis edibles‘ category. Reports about the cannabis market seem to emphasize that most of the exponential growth is focused more on edibles and cannabis concentrate. The versatility in this market segment of the cannabis industry seems to be capturing the attention of consumers across all demographics. Cannabis-infused products such as cannabis liquids have limitless possibilities when it comes to creating them.

There are so many opportunities to mix cannabis with other products and still get it to taste good. Now, let us look closely at Aurora Elixirs and Muru Syrup, which are two companies that have created cannabis liquid. It is also good to note that the oversupply of cannabis flower in the state of Oregon has not prevented companies from creating innovative cannabis products. These days, the cannabis industry is more than just bongs, vaporizers and joints.

Aurora Elixirs

Aurora Elixirs is offered as a cocktail mixer or what you would consider as a CBD spritzer with a sparkly and effervescent appearance. It comes in two flavors; Grapefruit Rosemary and Lavender Spice. It is made with eight grams of sugar and fifteen milligrams of CBD from hemp. You can drink this cannabis liquid by itself at the start of the day and you can also drink it with alcohol in the evening hours.

This cannabis product comes in a small glass bottle and has similarities to Fever Tree tonics and ginger beer. If you were to choose the Lavender Spice option, you would notice that it has a soothing smell and taste. If you were to drink it after a hard day at work, you would feel your stress and worry dissipating in about half an hour after consumption. If you were to choose the Grapefruit Rosemary flavor, you would find that it has a tart taste. It goes really well with gin during happy hour.

Muru Syrup

The Muru Syrup is another company that makes cannabis liquid product. It is not as much of a mixer like the Aurora Elixirs, but it is more of a syrup or sweetener. You can try it in lemonade and martinis. All you need is a few drops. It is delicious both ways as a martini or lemonade. Muru is a licensed company with a recreational cannabis license and located in the state of Oregon. All its cannabis-infused products including the cannabis liquid is lab tested with ingredients that are consistent to the outcome of the product. It has a balanced blend of CBD and THC. However, it also has individual version; THC and CBD.


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The syrup has several flavors namely Blackberry Lemon, Grape and Lemon. The grape flavor has a higher level of THC. You can use this cannabis liquid into your beverages any time of the day and for however number of times you want because it is healthy. All you need is a tablespoon of the Muru Syrup to get the best taste out of a single drink. If you don't consume weed very often, then it is best to start with a teaspoon instead of a tablespoon.

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Final Thoughts

Until a few years ago, there were not as many methods of consumption as it pertains to cannabis. It used to be either that you smoked a joint or bong or eat cannabis edibles. Now you have more choices because of the creation of cannabis liquids. Now that you have more choices, it gives you the option to sip cannabis liquid any time of the day and still get a buzz. In the process, you will experience a good tasting beverage.

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