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You don't have to be a marijuana enthusiast to know what pot brownies are. They are a form of cannabis edibles that when ingested can give you the same high intensity that you would get from smoking a joint or inhaling from a vaporizer. Learn how to bake pot brownies at home.

Edibles take longer to feel the high. Once you ingest the pot brownies, you don't start to feel the high for thirty minutes to an hour. The brownies pass through your digestive system and your bloodstream before reacting. Pot brownies are tasty and may entice you to eat more than you should. You could find yourself having an intense high in such a way as to experience paranoia. So do be careful with your consumption amount.

Do It Yourself

If you do not reside close to a weed dispensary, then you might have to put your hands to work, making your own pot brownies at home. In fact, your homemade pot brownies might taste more delicious than if you were to buy them at a local dispensary.

In addition, you get to choose your own marijuana strain. So, you can select one that has more CBD content than THC content or vice versa. Most recipes use about one eighth ounce of marijuana. However, you can use less than this, if you so desire.

The Flavor and Texture

You can use chocolate ganache or cocoa powder to get the flavor and texture. Both of these will result in gooey and moist pot brownies. If you were to combine both of these, then you would get even more gooey-ness and fudgey-ness!

The baking time and the baking pan that you use will dictate this outcome. If you used a larger and wider baking pan, you would get the thickness you wanted for a chewy pot brownie. If you wanted your pot brownies to bake faster and having more height, use a smaller baking pan.


Make the ultimate pot brownies!

How to Bake Pot Brownies

The First Step

Your weed has to be decarboxylated. In other words, the marijuana buds have to be heated so as to be completed activated. This changes it from bud form to psychoactive form. If you don't want to smell the weed in your brownie, you can include some mint leaves in the batter.

The Second Step

Now, you have to gather all your ingredients. With this recipe, you should expect about sixteen pot brownies. If you don't use cannabutter, then the potency level will be reduced. Now for the ingredients, you need:

  • Four ounces of chocolate, unsweetened
  • Three quarter cups of cannabutter
  • Half teaspoon of Kosher salt
  • Three eggs
  • Two teaspoons of vanilla extract
  • One and three quarter cups of coconut sugar
  • One and three quarter cups of flour
  • Mint leaves; three of them completely minced, but this is option
  • Also optional is two third cups of walnuts, chopped

Directions on How to Bake Pot Brownies

First, preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Then grease your baking pan using cooking spray. Make sure that you use a glass pan, if possible. Put the chocolate in a mixing bowl and microwave to melt. Add your cannabutter now and mix in the salt, coconut sugar and vanilla. Now add the eggs and then mix in the walnuts, mint and flour. Place the mixed batter into the oven and back it for about half an hour, after which, you would let it cool and then cut into small pieces. Now you are ready to indulge.

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