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Benefits of an Oil Rig. Dab rig with black background.

Benefits of a Dab Rig

You might be wondering, “What on earth is a dab rig?” Some people also call it oil rig. Well, if you are interested in the cannabis industry or anything related to cannabis, you should be aware that this is a kind of ‘water pipe.' Not everyone will love the dab ring since it is used for smoking cannabis concentrates and some people would prefer to smoke a joint instead. But, there is nothing wrong with knowing about a dab rig in case, you might change your mind. Let's dig deeper into this and try to explain it so the layperson might be able to understand it.

The Segments

A dab rig has two segments. It has the main body, which consists of the down stem, percolator and tube chamber and then it has a nail. There are different kinds of nails. The two most used are the banger style and then the skillet type. The main body of your dab rig would be ideally made from silicone or glass. It utilizes a water filtration process inside of the pipe. The dab nail itself is made of ceramic, quartz or titanium materials, which are all resistant to heat. A dab rig is made in various designs and shapes and cost various prices. There are some cheap ones with simpler designs. Others are more artsy and pricier. You can use a bong pipe as a dab rig. However, you would have to change from a bowl to a nail. The size is the difference between the dab rig and the bong pipe.

The Advantages

There are several advantages related to using a dab rig. First of all, it is not as harsh as smoking a joint. It is efficient and you get a smoother flavor than you would if you were to smoke that joint. It is not that you wouldn't enjoy smoking a joint, but if you are looking for a smoother experience, then you might want to consider something else. Now, let us take a closer look at the individual benefits or advantages of using a dab rig.

The Efficiency

If you were to use a carb cap, then you could have an efficient dab experience at lower temperatures. Why? Well, the carb cap acts as a top seal on the banger or nail; basically transforming it into a heated oven until the concentrate completely vaporizes in short order. With each dabbing experience, the cannabinoids and terpenes in the concentrate will fully vaporize.

The Flavor

When the temperature is lower in your dab rig, it allows you to enjoy the flavor more because it is smoother than the cannabis joint. With the carb cap and dab rig together, you will have an efficient smoke of your cannabis concentrate. The flavor will be effectively maintained and you will have an enjoyable smoking experience. The temperature control allows you to have that kind of smoking experience.

No Harshness

You will never experience harsh smoking when using a dab rig. However, you have to maintain the low temperature and in doing so, your throat will not burn. You won't have to be coughing all the way to getting a glass of water. You can bet on that!

Ready To Find Your Dab Rig?

Of course, you will have to clean your dab rig when you are finished using it. It is small enough for you to thoroughly clean it. You should also know about dabbing etiquette. Some of these things include being careful about your surroundings when you are using the dab rig or paying close attention to the blowtorch that will heat up the nail.

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Karen Getchell

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