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marijuana plant and cannabis oil, cannabis oil reaches capital hill

Cannabis Oil

In Utah, children and their parents have begun a crusade for the use of cannabis oil to treat kids with epilepsy.

In total, three Utah doctors have proclaimed the utmost support for the oil as a medical treatment for suffering children. These doctors have kicked off letter writing campaigns to Congress as well.

Through a great deal of studies, a Utah doctor simply stated in one of his letters that by refusing to legalize this substance, we are limiting the access these kids need for therapy.

A Representative of the state, named Gage Froerer, has made his stance clear. The State Representative is planning to introduce the research data and facts in an upcoming legislative session. The aim of this process is not only to legalize for these kids. If Froerer is successful with his proposal, the import and export of cannabis oil and products would be legal as well.

Cannabis Oil Reaches Capitol Hill

Utah parents desperately wish to attain permission to legally use cannabis therapy for these innocent suffering children. Surprisingly, just recently, these families took their case to Congress personally. From all reports, the idea seemed to be received quite well.

Though the hearing was strictly preliminary and no bills have been drafted as of yet, Health and Human Services and Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice all seemed to respond positively to the proposal.


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These cannabis products are amazing for the treatment of seizures. For that reason, the hearing seemed welcoming to the idea of permitting the state to employ cannabis for its medicinal purposes. The only provisions are safety, legally and without the THC.

Therefore children and any other sufferers may experience the medical effects of the cannabis treatment without the high.

With over one hundred thousand citizens of Utah living with epilepsy, the solution is crystal clear. The endorsement of so many doctors is making a positive impact on this topic to congress. However, it is well renowned that Congress and the government move very slowly. This means that unfortunately, these children will have to suffer until the law has been passed.

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Many families have even chosen to move to their neighboring state of Colorado just to be able to treat their child legally. One of the many Colorado based cannabis farmers has even said that under agricultural standards, the THC in his product is so low that it falls under the classification as hemp.

Conclusively, Froerer and plenty of other doctors have arranged for more research on the natural medical properties found in the plant. Froerer is hoping that with this research proving the medicinal benefits, he may be able to convince authorities to allow its growth in the state of Utah.

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