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Check out our Cheeba Chews product review for more information about this popular edible brand. Known for its small and mighty infused taffy, Cheeba Chews delivers high potency in a bite-sized package. Choose from a range of sativa, indica, hybrid, and CBD products in a variety of different sweet and fruity flavors.

What Are Cheeba Chews?

Since 2009, Cheeba Chews has been providing cannabis consumers with top-of-the-line edibles. At the time, the business was run out of CEO James Howler’s personal kitchen. The lack of consistency in edible dosages led him to create a product to overcome this industry flaw. As a licensed medical grower, he used trim to create these discreet infused candies.

Over a decade later, Cheeba Chews has expanded beyond its Colorado roots. Its infused chews, similar to a tootsie roll, can be found in today’s most competitive markets including California, Nevada, and Oklahoma. As new edible brands enter the market, Cheeba Chews remains a leader in the industry. Check out our overview of its product offerings.

Sativa, Indica, & Hybrid Chews

Cheeba Chews taffies come in a rectangular package containing 10 “chews” (10 mg each) and a total of 100 mg of THC. Ingredients include sustainably sourced palm oil and palm kernel, glucose syrup, and nonfat milk. Choose from sativa, indica, and hybrid chews in a range of sweet and fruity flavors (product availability varies by state).

  • Chocolate taffy (sativa and indica)
  • Caramel chews (hybrid)
  • Sour apple taffy (hybrid)
  • Strawberry taffy (sativa and indica)
  • One:One chocolate taffy (50 mg CBD:50 mg THC)
  • CBN:THC chocolate taffy (50 mg CBN:100 mg THC)

Hemp/CBD Chews

If you don’t want to consume THC, Cheeba Chews makes hemp-derived CBD chews. Its CBD extract comes from organically-grown, non-GMO hemp grown in Colorado.  Each batch is triple lab tested by an independent lab. Each package of Hemp Cheeba Chews comes with 25 mg servings.

  • Sleepy Time CBN taffy
  • Chocolate hemp taffy
  • Strawberry hemp taffy
  • Caramel hemp taffy
  • Sour apple hemp taffy
  • Orange cream hemp taffy
  • Mixed fruit gummies

Green Hornet Gummies

Cheeba Chews’ Green Hornet line of rectangular gummies come in a mixture of delicious fruit flavors. As a low-calorie and fat-free product, it's an edible you can take daily if needed. A 10 pack of gummies contains a total of 100 mg of THC. Some products like the grape gummies contain a dash of CBN, known for its sedative and relaxing effects.

  • Mixed fruit (sativa and indica)
  • Watermelon (hybrid, sativa, and indica)
  • Tropical mango (sativa)
  • Green apple (hybrid)
  • Blue raspberry (hybrid)
  • Grape (indica)
  • Blue raspberry (sativa, indica, and hybrid)
  • One:One black cherry


While most chews contain 100 mg of THC and 10 mg per serving, serving sizes may vary by product. Pay careful attention to the product’s packaging before consuming it. Because of their small size, many consumers may make the mistake of taking too much too soon. While a couple of servings (20 mg) can work for newbies, an entire package may be needed for heavy users.

According to the brand’s guidelines, users are recommended to wait 30+ minutes for the onset of effects before taking another dose. The effects can last 2-6 hours. Ideally, you want to store the chews in a cool and dry place. When you’re ready to eat, you can place the soft taffy in the refrigerator for a minute for easier opening.

Pros & Cons

Cheeba Chews stands apart among the rest of the edible brands due to its miniature size. Its small size makes it a portable and discreet option without compromising on potency. Competitor brands offer similar serving sizes, although they tend to come in a slightly larger size. With Cheeba Chews, you can take a smaller treat and get bigger results.

There aren't too many cons to this brand. However, some users have complained about its subtle cannabis taste and inconsistent texture. As for its taste, it’s expected to feature a pungent flavor due to its cannabis oil strength. Its texture can feature some grainy solids at times, but nothing that would make it completely unpleasant to eat.

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Final Verdict

For the taffy lover and high-tolerance user, Cheeba Chews offers the right level of potency to get you where you need to be. Strict lab testing ensures each infused product is consistent and pure. In terms of strength, the chews’ small size and individual servings allow you to micro or macro-dose to meet your needs without consuming a lot of sweetness.

As for its taste, it has expanded beyond its initial offerings to include a wide range of fruity and tropical flavors, as well as infused gummies for a different consistency. In terms of cost, it’s slightly higher-priced than similar edible brands. It’s a small price to pay for reliability and flavor in an edible. All in all, it’s deservedly earned the title of “America’s Favorite Edible.”

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