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If you live near a local marijuana dispensary and have access to an inventory of cannabis products, then you may not have to cook with pot in your home. You can select any of the many edibles that you would find on the shelves of a local marijuana dispensary. Many of the products on those shelves have been pre-made and pre-packaged for easy accessibility to medical cannabis patients.

It should be mentioned, though, that many of these cannabis products have in them high fructose corn syrup, sugar and other ingredients, which are not so healthy for the consumer. And so, there are many medical cannabis patients that prefer to cook with pot and make their own marijuana products. And this is understandable.

Consume at Home

When marijuana is ingested, it takes up to an hour to feel the intense high. This level of euphoria may last for eight hours or more. However, it is best that you are in a place that is closer to home or in your home. If you are at the movies, for example and you happen to eat a whole brownie, you could stay high throughout the entire movie. Make sure that you have company with you, though or you may not be able to drive home alone. It is better and safer to consume edibles while at home.

Reduce the High

To reduce your high, it is use the marijuana strains higher in CBD when you cook with pot. It is recommended that you determine your tolerance for weed before you cook with pot. There are certain facts that you have to keep in mind as it relates to the chemical and physical nature of marijuana. The solubility is also essential.

The Solubility

THC is the active ingredient in hash oil and weed and it has no solubility when it comes to water. However, it is soluble in fats, oils and alcohols. For this reason, when you cook with pot, the weed has to be sauteed in butter prior to combining it with any other ingredients. You may not get the high you want, if you boil the seeds, leaves and stems in water and drink it.

Getting the Best Results

To get the best results, your cannabis recipe should include things such as

  • Soaking the weed in alcohol
  • Boiling the weed in alcohol
  • Boiling the weed in oil
  • Boiling the weed in butter
  • Sauteeing the weed in butter or oil

You can also use milk to boil your weed. It dissolves into fats. Now let us look at the effects you experience when you cook with pot.

The Effects

Some people believe that when you cook with pot, it destroys the level of potency. There is no scientific evidence that shows this. In most cases, normal cooking temperatures are used and the heat is not sufficient to destroy psychoactive ingredients. It is possible that if you cook with pot, it can increase the level of THC.

Take Action

Get your recipe together, whether you want to make brownies or any other baked goods or cooked product. Gather all of the ingredients that you will need. Use a wide saucepan. Mix your ingredients in a bowl and start cooking. It is that simple. Some recipes might need a longer time. If you are baking, then you don't have to stand over a crock pot.

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