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Have you ever heard people relay their experience with cannabis edibles? There is a good chance that you may have heard horror stories instead of the pleasant experience that so many people have had. Don't allow the horror stories to prevent you from enjoying cannabis edibles. There is a way that you can do it so you too can have a pleasant experience and the first trick is the right dosage.

When you consume cannabis edibles, it is best to do so in small portions because once you ingest it, then it goes directly through the bloodstream. It does not go through the nervous system as when it is consumed in a vaporizer or marijuana joint. For this reason, you should be aware that its effects are longer and stronger.

When you use a vaporizer or smoke a joint, the duration of the effects is only a few hours and then you are back to square one. When you consume cannabis edibles, the duration of the effects could be about seven hours. If you are a novice to cannabis edibles, you might want to be aware of this and keep it in mind.

The Dosage

Yes, dosage of cannabis edibles is essential to the effect. You should always know how much of the weed is inside the edible. It is best to begin with no more than 10 mg of THC. When cannabis edibles are ingested by someone, it takes about 60-90 minutes to feel the effect. If you are having cannabis edibles and you like its taste and might want to try more, it is best to wait for an hour before doing so. Eating more will only serve to increase the ‘high.' It might also put you into a state of paranoia, possibly producing nausea, vomiting and hallucination.

Limitations on Public Policy

If you live in a state that permits cannabis edible use, there may be restrictions put in place on the amount of THC you can use in the products. You might even be restricted on the type of cannabis edibles you can make.


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For example, in the state of Colorado, there are new regulations implemented for manufacturers to make cannabis edibles shaped like animals, cartoons, humans and animals. In the state of Oregon, you can make cannabis edibles, but it can have no more than 50 mg of THC in each package.

These are trending right now and look like they may continue to other states within the United States so that consumers can be safe from the strong effects of cannabis edibles for adult use. Many hopefuls are of the belief that over time, this type of hysteria might subside; allowing THC restrictions to be lifted. However, others believe that this is not something that will happen very soon.

The Right Product

When it comes to cannabis edibles, the options are no longer just in the form of cookies and brownies. There are other ways that cannabis is infused to make related products that are not equally similar. There are gummy bears, beverages and baked goods. Check with your local marijuana dispensary to see what is on their menu. Choose the one that is better tasting because not all have the same taste and dosage.

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Final Thoughts on How to Improve Your Experience With Cannabis

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