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People have been juicing for a long time, but the most you may have heard about juicing is for veggies such as spinach ad kale or fruits. But, did you know that you can juice marijuana as well? Yes, raw cannabis can be juiced, believe it or not. Cannabis is one of the most healthy and nutritious sources of food known unto mankind. And more importantly, raw cannabis that his freshly harvested provides a therapeutic impact on your health without giving you that high experience because of its CBD attributes. We are about to give you the essential steps to how you would juice marijuana, making it delicious and how it will help to improve your health. You can add your own favorite veggies and fruits for that favored blend.

The Ingredients

A simple recipe might include 20 grams of raw cannabis leaves or 15 grams of fresh marijuana buds, an apple, a cucumber, half of a lemon, two carrots, and a piece of ginger. There are many other cannabis juice and smoothie recipes you can try your hand at once you're confident.

The Juicer

An extraction machine or juicer is essential to the process if you are going to juice marijuana. Make sure your extraction machine is cold pressed, meaning that it will juice marijuana slower using a squeezing and crushing action instead of a high speed juicer that spins around in a chamber. This is very significant because high speed juicers result in a lot of heat and this can convert the THC into high levels of THC. The process of conversion of cannabinioids into THC form is called decarboxylation and it is increased by higher temperatures. Extraction machines are more expensive than those that are used for decarboxylation, but they are more effective and efficient as it relates to proper extraction.

The Best Marijuana Strain

The next step in the process is to ensure you have the ideal marijuana strain. Choose a strain that has a cannabinoid profile or CBD attributes necessary to treat a specific symptom. Specific combination of cannabinoids is quite effective in treating certain disorders while a different mix of cannabinoids might treat another disorder. So, the type of marijuana strain is essential to getting the results you are going for. When you juice marijuana then, figure out which strain you will want to use or which combination of strain, if that is necessary. The good news is that if you can only get strains with high THC levels, after you juice marijuana, it will lose its psychoactive strength.

Raw Cannabis

Make sure that when you juice marijuana, the ingredients include raw plant material that is freshly harvested. This is significant because the decarboxylation procedure starts after harvesting. Now you can store newly harvested weed in an airtight mason jar and put it in the refrigerator where it can be kept for weeks. You can remove some of the same harvested weed for juicing. You can also juice marijuana buds, leaves, seeds and colas. But the marijuana colas are higher in cannabinoids concentration in comparison to the marijuana leaves. It is more ideal to use a combination of different parts of the plant than just one part. So, for example, you could juice marijuana buds and seeds together. Make sure all of these parts are organically grown using synthetic nutrients. But, wash the harvested plant before use. It would also be ideal to soak the colas and leaves in cold water and let it sit for a few minutes, after which the water is drained and then you would begin the juicing process.

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