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Cannabis tinctures are known for different names such as golden dragon and green dragon. It is an alcohol based type of cannabis extract. Essentially, cannabis tinctures are infused with alcohol and in fact, it has always been considered to be the primary form of medical cannabis until it was prohibited by the United States government.

The use of cannabis tinctures range from taking them sublingually or putting them in your edibles to using them topically.

The Other Names for Tinctures

The name green dragon may cause people to think cannabis tinctures are not for everyone. However, they are an excellent entry point for medical cannabis and recreational cannabis users that do not want to inhale marijuana, but consume it in a smokeless way. If you are going to consume cannabis tincture, it is important to know its dosage.

Reasons to Use Cannabis Tinctures

The main reason people choose tinctures over any other form of ingesting cannabis is for the discreetness it carries. It is subtle to use tinctures. They also are low calorie. The dosing is easy to figure out by allowing a drop by drop dosing and cannabis tinctures have a long shelf life.

The Dosage of Cannabis Tinctures

Cannabis tincture dosages are very easy to measure. You can begin with a one milliliter dosage and administer under the tongue. If you like the effects that it brings, then there is nothing else that you need to do.

If you don’t like the effect that one milliliter brings, then try to increase the dosage to two milliliters, but do so the day after and continue to increase the dosage until you discover the volume that best suits you. However, increase the dosage slowly as you test to find your preferred dosage so as not to get disturbingly high.


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The Storage of Cannabis Tinctures

brown tincture bottles with cannabis seeds and leaf, use of cannabis tinctures

When stored, cannabis tinctures can last for a lot of years, especially if stored in a cool and dark place. Its long shelf life allows the user to store it in large quantities, making it convenient to have when you actually need it. In comparison to cannabis edibles like brownies, the tinctures are low in calorie and provide a good alternative for people who are watching their weight.

Using Cannabis Tinctures In Your Meals and Drinks

If you use alcohol of 190-proof in your cannabis tincture, you can expect seven calories for each milliliter. On the other hand, the typical brownie has an expectation of about 112 calories or even more. You can incorporate cannabis tinctures into your drinks and meals. This includes:

  • Salad dressings
  • Soups
  • Ice creams
  • Gravy
  • Juices
  • Salads
  • Mashed potatoes

After cooking a meal of chicken and gravy, you could put some of your cannabis tincture in for a deliciously infused meal.

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Conclusion on Use of Cannabis Tinctures

So, it is safe to say that cannabis tinctures can be taken sublingually and infused in various recipes for those with no tolerance for smoking. It takes up to forty five minutes to feel the effect of cannabis tinctures. Want to know more about cannabis tinctures? Go to the Cannabis Training University.

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