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Learn How to Make Your Own CBD Oil. CBD oil tincture.

Learn How to Make Your Own CBD Oil

The cannabidiol (CBD) market is one of the fastest-growing segments of the United States cannabis industry. The market has seen robust growth since 2014, with even more explosive growth predicted during the next few years – especially around CBD oil.

Although estimates vary depending on the source, Statistica puts CBD sales at 1.15 billion in 2020, with more CBD revenue rising at an unprecedented rate during 2020-2022. Green Entrepreneur estimates the 2022 hemp market to hit 22 billion.

Market Factors

The fact that the CBD profits could soon eclipse all tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) revenue has caused some marijuana-market investors to shift their focus to CBD products and the hemp side of the cannabis industry. For many, the rapid rise in popularity of CBD has caught them slightly off guard.

The signing of the 2018 Farm Bill into law last December has been the main reason for CBD and hemp products to push past THC and marijuana as far as immediate market potential goes. With hemp now essentially legal and being grown at a level not seen in the past 90 years, the future of related CBD products looks extremely bright.

Another factor influencing CBD profits is the increasing recognition that whole-plant medicine has unique benefits beyond those that can be experienced from CBD-derived pharmaceutical drugs or CBD-isolate extraction. There is increasing evidence that full-spectrum CBD products that also contain other cannabinoids as well as terpenes provide superior benefits American consumers are fickler than ever before, and there has been a rising distrust of institutions like banks, insurance companies—as well as “big pharma”—during the past decade. These realities bode well for CBD companies.


If you’re interested in CBD but haven’t made the dive into CBD concentrates like oil, you may wish to research its benefits and do so. The popularity of CBD oil was experiencing steady growth prior to passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, but that significant piece of legislation has dramatically increased the visibility of CBD and related products in the eyes of the American public. The fact that access is as easy as making a mail-order purchase makes CBD oil simple to obtain and more affordable to purchase.

What some CBD oil consumers don’t realize is that they can make their own oil at home, and it’s not that difficult. Of course, there are some essential ingredients that must be procured first, but the creation of oil is not rocket science. Let’s cover the main essential ingredient necessary for making CBD oil as well as the various ways to obtain it.

Marijuana or Hemp Flower

To make a high-quality CBD oil, you must first obtain high-quality flower that’s high in CBD relative to THC. CBD is known to counteract the effects of THC, so strains containing much more CBD than THC is desirable for a predominantly CBD experience.


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There are two main categories of flower for this purpose, high CBD marijuana that contains a higher ratio of CBD than THC and artisan hemp flower, that contains even higher percentages of CBD compared to THC. Let’s consider these two options in more detail.

High CBD marijuana strains include strains like Harlequin, Rubicon, Cannatonic, ACDC, CBD Shark, Remedy, CBD Mango Haze, Hawaiian Dream, and Sweet and Sour Widow. Some of these strains contain relatively high levels of THC, it’s just found in a lower percentage than the CBD in the same flower. Some people really enjoy the combined effects of these strains as well as the full-spectrum oil produced from it.

High CBD hemp flower and oil is quite different from high-CBD marijuana because under its legal definition it can only contain 0.3 percent or less THC—which is a fairly miniscule and inconsequential amount. High CBD hemp flower contains increasingly high percentages of CBD, and many currently contain nearly 20 percent. The terpenes are nowhere close to the robust amounts found in marijuana flower, but artisan hemp farmers are hard at work developing new strains with pleasing flavors and aromas. Full-spectrum oil from hemp flower allows those who consume it to benefits from the combined effects of all cannabis compounds present in the original flower, a phenomenon known as the entourage effect. Some of the better hemp flower strains include Elektra, Sour Space Candy, Hawaiian Haze, Pine Berry, and Special Sauce. This flower is harvested at its peak and hand trimmed before being given a slow, proper cure. It’s growing and production practices are identical to high-quality marijuana.

The good news about CBD-rich hemp flower is that it’s completely legal under the regulations of the 2018 Farm Bill that President Trump signed into law in late December 2018. This legislation led to an explosion of CBD companies in the last few months. You can now order artisan hemp flower online and have it shipped right to your door from companies like Berkshire CBD.

Creating Your Own CBD Oil at Home

Advanced equipment and extraction methods can produce extremely pure CBD oil, but it is very possible to create decent oil at home. Creating oil with alcohol is the most common method, although extraction using olive and coconut oils is becoming increasingly popular as well. You can use the resulting oil for a variety of purposes, including vaping it or using it for tinctures or in edibles.

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Armed with your CBD-rich flower, either marijuana or hemp, creating your own CBD oil at home is not difficult. In addition to the flower, you will require some basic equipment. Glass mixing bowls, high-grade alcohol, a fine strainer, coffee filters, a double burner, a lighter, a metal paperclip, and a stovetop are all that you require, in addition to the dry and grinded cannabis flower. Prior to making the oil, cool the alcohol in a refrigerator.

  • Place a quantity of dried and grinded hemp or marijuana flower at the bottom of a glass bowl.
  • Pour the cool alcohol into the bowl until it completely covers the flower.
  • Use a plastic or wooden spoon to steadily mix the alcohol and cannabis, mixing continuously for 5-7 minutes. The stirring process will strip the cannabinoids from the flower.
  • Run the solution through a strainer and into another glass bowl to remove most of the plant material. You will notice that the liquid has a greenish amber color.
  • After using the sieve, filter the liquid through a coffee filter for more-thorough filtration.
  • Set up a double boiler on your stovetop, and place the strained liquid in the double boiler insert (the top pan). Place on medium heat. Closely monitor the heating process until you see small bubbles form on the liquid. Lower the heat and simmer on low for 30-40 minutes. Through the heating process, you want to evaporate all of the alcohol from the oil.
  • Once you believe all of the alcohol is evaporated, thoroughly mix the oil and remove from the heat.
  • Straighten out the paperclip and submerge one end of it in the cannabis oil. Step several feet away from the double burner and expose the flame from the lighter to the liquid on the paperclip. If the moistened paperclip sparks or catches on fire, an unacceptable amount of residual alcohol is still in the oil, and it must be heated more to ensure it evaporates.
  • Transfer the CBD oil to a small storage bottle. The amount of oil you have, of course, depends on the amount of dried, grinded flower you used.
  • Store the bottle in a cool, dry place and use the oil as soon as possible.

Creating your own CBD oil provides an easy way to consume concentrated amounts of CBD. The experience will be more potent than smoking or vaping crushed CBD-rich flower. If you want to receive the medical and health benefits of CBD, it makes a lot of sense to make your own oil. Doing so will give you a regular supply when you want it.

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