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Are you looking to learn how to make cannabis brownies? Are you interested in knowing how to make canna oil for brownies? If your answer is yes, then you're in the right place. Read on to learn our marijuana brownie recipe using oil.  

Marijuana brownies are chocolate baked confections mixed with marijuana. Without a doubt, this is one of the best ways to incorporate cannabis into your diet.

We know many ways to infuse weed into foods, but none is ever so attractive like chocolates or well-baked brownies. For people who are already used to vaping or smoking their buds, brownies are a fantastic option to begin your exploration of edibles!

Marijuana Brownie Recipe Using Oil

There are many recipes for making weed brownies. But let's face it. Not all of them will deliver the same results to you. Some will be better than the others.

However, depending on the one you choose to use, there's a difference in the taste and quality of your brownies at the end of the day. The good thing about you being here is that you can access the best recipe for weed brownies. So let's get to it!

Recipe for Cannabis Oil Using Coconut Oil

  • Coconut oil
  • 5 grams of dank weed per serving
  • Brownie mix
  • A fine-mesh strainer or cheesecloth
  • A saucepan pan
  • Stirrer
  •  Weed grinder

Note that while you are free to use any other oil you like, we always recommend coconut oil over others. This is because coconut oil has more saturated fatty acids in it than any different kind of oil.

Consequently, it can retain more THC, and therefore, produces a higher psychoactive impact than other oils. This means that you'll need more grams of cannabis with olive oil or regular butter and fewer grams of the same weed with coconut oil to produce the same effect.

What you need to do:

  1. You need to make the marijuana-infused oil first. Pick up the cannabis buds or flowers and grind them finely in the hand grinder. You can also use a coffee grinder in place of a hand grinder. After grinding, place the ground cannabis in a frying pan or saucepan.
  2. Make sure the cannabis powder is spread out onto the surface of the pan. Pour the coconut oil into the pan, turn on the heat until the content of the pan begins to simmer.
  3. You should set the temperature to the lowest or medium-level for the best results and allow the powder and oil to mix properly. Stir continuously.
  4. Allow the setup to cook for 2-4 hours. Stir it every 30 minutes. The essence of the prolonged heating is to allow the oil to absorb as much cannabis as possible.
  5. Once you have achieved this, you may turn off the heat. Allow the pan to cool for a little while.
  6. Now place the filter over a jar or glass container, then pour the cannabis-infused coconut oil over the strainer or filter.
  7. Use a spoon to mash the plant material left behind to strain out every bit of the oil. Discard the remnant. The final product should be a brown oil with a musky texture and is free of any plant material like stems and seeds.

Note: you may decide to use an oven for decarboxylating your cannabis. Just ensure to preheat it to 240°F and decarboxylate for about 30 minutes.

Next, we use this oil to make our marijuana brownie. 

Marijuana Brownie Recipe Using Oil

Working with a regular brownie recipe, you will need to add all the ingredients according to the instructions. But first, begin with the chocolate.

Place chocolate bars in the saucepan and set them over a pot of boiling water. Turn on the heat to melt the chocolate.

Add the cannabis-infused coconut oil from the first step to the melted chocolate and mix until you achieve a fine mixture.

Then make the brownie mix according to the box instructions. Add the chocolate and cannabis oil mixture to the final brownie mix. Stir until everything is blended.

Pour the entire mixture into a baking pan and heat for 25 to 30 minutes. The final product is a well-mixed brown mass of tasty brownies. Allow it to cool. Cut the bar into several bits and serve. Store the rest in a fridge or freezer.

How to make marijuana brownies. A brownie with cannabis around it

Common Marijuana Brownie Recipe

A few essential components and steps are needed to make marijuana brownies. An outline of the steps involved, the components, serving sizes, and the equipment required is provided below:


-Cannabis (Depending on the desired potency, different amounts are used. A few grams of ground cannabis is usually plenty)

-The cannabis is infused using butter or oil. About a cup of butter or oil will be required.

Brownie Mix (Usually made with flour, sugar, cocoa powder, baking powder, and salt, brownie mixes can be purchased at stores or made from scratch)

Eggs (One or two eggs are usually needed)

Water (As directed on the brownie mix package)

Addition of optional ingredients such as chocolate chips, nuts, or other taste enhancers is possible.

Equipment Required

-To grind the cannabis, use a grinder.

-For incorporating cannabis into butter or oil, use a saucepan or pot.

-To separate the plant debris from the butter or oil, use a strainer or cheesecloth.

-Using a mixing bowl, make the brownie batter.

-Baking Pan: For the brownies' baking.

-For baking, use an oven (350 degrees works, follow instructions on brownie mix box)

Detailed Procedure


  1. Grind the cannabis and bake it for 30 to 40 minutes at a low temperature (around 245°F). The THC is activated by this process.


2. Simmer the decarboxylated cannabis for a few hours over low heat in a skillet with melted butter or oil. Take care not to let the mixture burn.


3. To get rid of the plant material, pass the butter or oil through a cheesecloth or strainer.

Making the Batter

4. In a bowl, mix the brownie mix, eggs, water, and any optional ingredients with the cannabis-infused butter or oil. Blend until thoroughly blended.


5. Transfer the batter to a baking sheet that has been lightly greased, and bake for 25 to 30 minutes in an oven that has been warmed (typically to 350°F) according to the brownie mix's directions.

Cooling and Serving

6. Let the brownies cool completely before slicing them.

Recall that the effects of cannabis edibles often take 30 to 2 hours to become apparent, longer than those of smoking or vaping.

It's crucial to consume them sensibly and in compliance with any applicable local rules or ordinances.

How To Make Cannabutter For Marijuana Brownies

The process of making cannabutter for brownies is simple. Here's a detailed how-to:

Ingredients: Cannabis; how much you use will depend on the intensity you want. For every cup of butter, 7–10 grams of ground cannabis are often utilized.
One cup (around 230 grams) of butter. For a superior infusion, unsalted butter is recommended.

Tools Needed
-Grinder (for cannabis grinding)
-Oven with baking sheet
-A medium-sized saucepan
-A strainer with fine mesh or cheesecloth
-Container or basin (to hold the cannabis butter)

How to Prepare Cannabutter

-Set the oven temperature to 245°F (118°C).
-Using a hand grinder, roughly ground the cannabis.
-Place the ground cannabis in a thin layer on a baking sheet.
-Bake for thirty to forty minutes. THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, is activated by this process.

Cannabis Infusion with Butter
-In a medium saucepan over low heat, melt the butter.
-Melt the butter and mix with the decarboxylated cannabis.
-Reduce the heat to extremely low (preferably between 160°F and 200°F) and simmer the mixture, stirring from time to time, for two to three hours. Steer clear of boiling to avoid burns.

-Place a cheesecloth-lined funnel over a jar or dish.
-Pour the butter over the cheesecloth funnel after it has slightly cooled. This process will remove the plant matter, revealing only the butter that has been infused.
-Using the cheesecloth, squeeze out as much butter as you can. Observe caution as the butter can still be heated.

How to Store Cannabutter
-Cannabutter should be kept in an airtight container in the freezer or refrigerator.
-Cannabutter keeps well in the fridge for a few weeks or in the freezer for a few months.

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Tip* In order to prevent burning the butter, it's critical to cook at a low and steady temperature.

Marijuana Brownie Recipe Using Oil Conclusion

Eating chocolate brownies is a classic example of enjoying marijuana while savoring a juicy taste and flavor along with it.

Remember, though, that your brownies' dosing is an essential aspect of the process that must be carefully handled. If you make the mistake of taking too much of it at a time, you can be sure that your brownies experience will take a sour turn.

Note that brownies can also be made using cannabutter instead of oils. To learn several other exciting recipes for making cannabis brownies, visit the Cannabis Training University, and enroll in our comprehensive marijuana program.

Marijuana Brownie Faq's

Can you put marijuana bud or flower in brownies?

In principle, you could just add your decarbed bud straight to your brownie mixture, but edibles usually taste too weedy and stinky when you do this. It's also likely that, when you eat your brownie, you'll bite into tiny pieces of bud, so it might not be the greatest sensory experience.

How long do edibles stay fresh in the refrigerator?

A 5-7 day shelf life is usual for edibles, depending on the kind you purchase. Edibles like as THC/CBD gummies and sweets have a longer shelf life than other edibles (like brownies) because they are mainly made of sugar.

How do you store marijuana brownies?

They can be kept in a cake container, a lidded container, or a storage bag if you wrap them snugly in plastic. As an alternative, brownies can be kept at room temperature in a glass jar. Just make sure the seal is secure and the container is airtight.

Karen Getchell, expert cannabis writer
Karen Getchell

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When she isn’t teaching cannabis cooking classes, Karen works as a cannabis business consultant, writes for online cannabis publications like Cannabis Training University, Leafly, and Weedmaps, and runs a CBD-infused-product business.

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