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Marijuana edibles are known as cannabis-infused products. You may not have known that if you are new to the cannabis industry. Edibles have been an excellent choice to responsibly consume marijuana. However, it does require that you eat in moderation, especially if the cannabis strain is potent.

Most medical cannabis patients consume edibles to get rid of their chronic pain, nausea and other ailments such as IBS and Crohn's disease. Some people do so for recreational purposes.

Be Careful of Dosage and Potency

You have to pay attention to dosage and potency when consuming marijuana edibles. You have to really exercise care in the cannabis strain that you choose. It is best to know what kind of marijuana strain was used to create the cannabis product.

For example, if you were to eat an entire muffin made from infused cannabis, it may not have an effect right away, but give it an hour or so, and you will begin feeling its impact on your body.

The effect comes on suddenly.. You could be having a conversation with your friends and then suddenly, it feels like you have just be startled by a police siren where you think that the cops are coming to get you or everyone is making fun of you. Now, to avoid that, let's take a look at how you should responsibly and wisely consume marijuana edibles.

The Effect of Marijuana Edibles

You should know how long your marijuana edibles will take for you to feel an effect. Remember, that smoking weed is different from consuming weed. When you smoke weed you will usually feel its effect right away. You can also tell the amount of marijuana you have smoked. Depending on the effect, you will usually make a decision of whether you have had enough or not. Marijuana edibles are different.

Once you consume it, there are no immediate signals and there is no way of getting it out of your system. You just have to let it run its course. If you were to compare cannabis tea and marijuana edibles, the former would get into your blood much faster for a faster effect.

The Digestion of Marijuana Edibles

After you consume your marijuana edibles, your body now digests the food, which then metabolizes. However, you have to wait until the metabolizing process has been complete before you have any kind of effect.


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The marijuana edibles have to be processed through the liver first before you start feeling lightheaded. This means that absorption will be slower and more THC will filter out of your system.

Your metabolism is also an important factor in how the TCH is processed and filtered. For example, if your metabolism is slow, you may not have an effect until two hours or more after consumption.

Lasting Impact

Now, you may want to know the length of time that this impact will last. Marijuana edibles are usually made using potent marijuana strains, whether in hash oil form or canna-butter. For that reason, it is easy for anyone to overdo the process. It is important to use an accurate dose of cannabis.

It is best to know the right dosage that you can handle. While one dose may not affect you, the same dose may affect someone else. Take time to know how your body will react.

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Nothing Serious

There has been no report of anyone dying from consuming too much cannabis, but that doesn't mean that you should not be careful. While it may seem OK to eat an entire marijuana cookie, you should take heed that it could prevent you from going out or doing something you planned. Instead of the entire cookie, why not eat half?

Before consuming marijuana edibles, pay attention the label and ingredients. If you want to know more about marijuana edibles, visit the Cannabis Training University today.

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