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Interestingly enough, cannabis tinctures have been around for centuries, and were quite popular for medicinal purposes before the 1930’s US cannabis prohibition set in. These alcohol-based cannabis liquids are essentially, cannabis-infused alcohol.

Isn’t it hard to imagine that less than a century ago cannabis tinctures were listed in the U.S. Pharmacopeia? Now that medicinal and delicious marijuana tincture recipes are coming back into fashion (thank goodness!), we’ve decided to compile a few of the best on this list.

The Green Dragon Recipe – Slow Method

Although this recipe is quite easy to follow, it takes an advanced level of patience and time to see through. Aside from the required jar shaking every day, this type of extraction calls for a high-percentage, quality alcohol for best results.

The green dragon tincture is also ideal for making THC-infused candies, gummies and lollypops, since it makes it easy to incorporate small amounts with just the right potency. When ingesting, you can mix your green dragon tincture with something like honey for a sweet kick when placing it under the tongue.

To make the famous Green Dragon marijuana tincture, you will need;

  • 30 g of cannabis (decarboxylated)
  • Oven & Baking Pan
  • 1 L of high-proof alcohol (Pure grain alcohol)
  • Mason jar with a lid
  • Grinder
  • Glass dropper
  • Coffee filters or cheesecloth


  1. The first step entails grinding and decarboxylating your buds.
    To do this, place your cannabis on a baking tray in the oven for 45 minutes.
  2. Once that’s done, pour the alcohol into the jar along with the cannabis, close the lid tightly, and store it somewhere in a dark cabinet.
  3. For the next 2 weeks, be sure to shake the contents of the jar every day.
  4. After 2 weeks, remove any left-over crumbles from the tincture by using a coffee filter or cheesecloth, until there’s no plant material left.
  5. Pour the tincture in your glass jar and store it in the fridge.

Master Wu’s Green Dragon Recipe

This method is much like the previous, except that it’s actually an upgraded Green Dragon recipe, meaning it’s much faster. It takes about 20 minutes all-in-all.

For this one you’ll need:

  • ⅛ ounce of cannabis flower.
  • 2 ounces of high-proof alcohol
  • An oven
  • A baking pan
  • Saucepan (Master Wu method)
  • Jar(s)


  1. The first step of this process is very similar to the original (previous) recipe. So, you finely grind your buds, decarb them, combine the cannabis and alcohol in a jar, and then close the lid. For the next part is where things are done differently…
  2. The second step involves cooking the cannabis and alcohol blend in a deep pot filled with water for 20 minutes. Be sure to keep the temperature at 170°C.
  3. For the final step, filter out the plant material from the mixture, pour it into smaller glass containers or droppers, and your cannabis tincture is ready for use!

Cannabis Tincture with Vodka or Brandy

These alcohol-based tinctures are much less potent than the green dragon, since they don't extract all of the cannabinoids. You also get to play around with different flavoured vodka in this case. Choose a brand to your liking.

For this delicious recipe you will need:


Make the ultimate pot brownies!

  • 950 ml (1 qt) Vodka or Brandy
  • 30 g of marijuana
  • Mason jar with a lid
  • Grinder
  • Glass dropper
  • Cheescloth/Coffee filters


  1. The first few steps are similar to other recipes: Grind, decarboxylate, mix the marijuana with the alcohol in your mason jar, and be sure to close it tightly.
  2. This is where the method differs: Place the jar in a freezer for five days, while shaking the contents daily.
  3. If you’re concerned about the jar breaking from rigorous shaking, don’t. Alcohol takes much longer to freeze than water.
  4. Finally, strain your mixture through coffee filters or cheesecloths, and subsequently store it in a glass container at room temperature.
cannabis tincture with honey

Cannabis Tincture with Honey Recipe

Two of nature’s greatest gifts – honey and cannabis – have long played a part in our development as a society, and have proven to be useful for both recreational purposes as well as medicinal. Together, they make a delicious and healing marijuana tincture.

Out of our selection of delicious marijuana tincture recipes, this one is a personal favourite. To make honey-infused marijuana tincture, you will need the following;

  • Cheese cloth
  • A slow cooker
  • Honey
  • Cannabis


  1. Decarboxylate your cannabis
  2. Take your decarbed cannabis and wrap it in a thick cheesecloth. Fasten your cloth in such a manner that it keeps the cannabis inside. Try twisting or tying the ends, to make a large weed-teabag.
  3. Place your weed-teabag into your slow cooker. Depending on the desired potency and sweetness, you can add 500g to 2kg of honey.
  4. Place your temperature on low, otherwise it will boil and burn
  5. Let your honey and cannabis simmer for anywhere for 8 hours, while stirring occasionally.
  6. After the tincture is done cooking, let it cool. You can leave it overnight.
  7. After cooling, remove your teabag of decarbed cannabis, after squeezing the remaining honey back into your slow cooker.
  8. Pour your tincture into airtight jars

Cannabis Tincture with Coconut Oil

Although tinctures can be supplemented with a variety of oils, coconut oil has adequate fatty acids to perfectly bind with the cannabinoids – and gives a nice taste to it.

You’ll require:

  • Saucepan
  • Coffee filters or cheesecloth
  • Mason jar
  • Grinder
  • One cup of coconut oil
  • 5 g (0,12 oz) of cannabis
  • Glass container
  • Grinded cannabis


  1. Pour the cannabis and coconut oil into a saucepan. On medium heat, let is simmer for 8 hours. Add water if necessary, to prevent burning.
  2. All done! Pour your coconut oil cannabis tincture into a container and into the fridge.

In Conclusion

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