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Are you wondering if there`s anything like marijuana-infused wine? Well, there is, and it has been in existence for several years now. But more recently, cannabis-infused wine is becoming a real sensation among stoners and cannabis connoisseurs alike.

In this article, we`ll explain what marijuana wine is and provide an easy-to-make homemade recipe for making your marijuana wine at home. 

What is Medical Marijuana Wine?

Following the continued support for cannabis distribution and consumption in the United States and other countries, more ways of enjoying cannabis have been invented.

From simple cannabutter to more enjoyable options, such as edibles, gummies, and foods infused with cannabis, several ideas exist on consuming cannabis. And wine infused with cannabis is one of the most innovative ideas yet.

Wines, as we know them, are mostly made from grapes. Weed wine is basically wine that has been laced with cannabis. There is more than one way to infuse cannabis into wine.

Some companies have even scaled up the production of cannabis wine for distribution. The good news is you can make yours at home, right in your kitchen.

There are two significant ways to create canna wine at home; one can brew and ferment your fruits and infuse the product with cannabis of your choosing.

Secondly, you can buy ready-made wine from your favorite wine store, also buy decarboxylated weed from your local dispensary, then follow a simple procedure to combine them. For the latter, you can also decide to activate the cannabis yourself.

Medical Marijuana Wine Recipe

The recipe provided here is a quick and easy one, not requiring too many steps. It is ideal for times when you need a quick and easy drink. So here are the ingredients and materials you`ll need for the process:


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  • A bottle of your favorite wine
  • A half ounce of weed
  • Crockpot
  • Pan
  • Foil
  • Cheesecloth or strainer
  • Grinder


Simply follow the steps outlined below to make a tantalizing marijuana wine:

  1. The first thing is decarboxylating your weed. This means the weed is activated to exert its effect. In this case, the CBDATHCA molecules are converted by the action of heat to CBD/THC
  2. To do this, first, line up the pan with the foils. Break up the buds into smaller bits and place them on the pan. Be sure to spread them out evenly on the pan. Next, cover it up with another strip of foil and introduce it into the oven. Heat the cannabis buds for 110 minutes at a temperature of 230°F.
  3. Now, allow the heated cannabis to cool, then grind it into a powdery form using a weed grinder. Using the cheesecloth, tie up the ground cannabis so that you have a “teabag” kind of arrangement.
  4. Turn on the crockpot. Pour the bottle of wine into the crockpot, then place your cannabis tea bag gently into the pot. Cover it and heat it for 2  hours. You can actually add one or more flavors of your choice into the pot. You can get a suitable wine flavor like cinnamon in a nearby store.
  5. Keep an eye on the pot. You want to ensure that the weed inside it does not burn. Keeping it at a low heat.
  6. Note that when choosing your wine and cannabis it is best that they complement each other. For instance, heavy wines like merlots will be most suited for old indicas.
  7. Allow the wine to cool for a little while. Then use a strainer to strain it into a bottle or container. This will push out every remaining trace of plant material in the wine. Finally, you can refrigerate the wine and serve it when you want. Enjoy responsibly!

The Benefits of Medical Marijuana Wine

First, drinking wine infused with marijuana is a subtle and effective way to treat CBD specific symptoms. The CBD content of the wine can get to work while you sip on the juice.

You can treat conditions like muscle spasms, seizures, insomnia, depressive thoughts (you should also see a therapist for this), lack of appetite, anxiety, inflammation with medical marijuana wine.

If you`re going to be drinking marijuana infused wine, remember that the THC in the wine will hit you more challenging because of the alcohol content, so be mindful of the dosing.

This is really a healthier alternative or a better way to enjoy cannabis for people who do not like to smoke or vape.

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Just like brownies, gummies, and other great edibles ideas, marijuana-infused wine is another fantastic way for people who do not like to smoke to enjoy cannabis.

The recipe prepared can serve as a guide for people looking to get the therapeutic effect of medical marijuana. If you intend to get high with your wine, it is advisable to go slow on the dosage.

We hope you enjoyed this medical marijuana wine recipe. As mentioned earlier, there are more advanced methods for making cannabis-infused wine. Visit the Cannabis Training University to learn more.

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