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Steps to Making Marijuana Gummy Bears

Steps to Making Cannabis Gummy Bears

If you use cannabis to cook, it can be quite a fun and exciting as well as a learning experience. There are so many delicious treat that you can create with cannabis. You can make cannabis gummy bears, which are quite tasty, if you know how to administer the recipe and the ingredients. You will definitely get a buzz from cannabis gummy bears while you enjoy its flavor. Let's look at how we can make these cannabis gummy bears.

The Delicious Factor

If you don't know what gummy bears are, you must be living on a different planet. Well, one thing you will be sure of and it is that you have to ingest it. If you don't like to smoke cannabis, then this would be the ideal option. Other cannabis products that you might like to eat as snacks is cannabis cookies and caramel sweets. Sounds good, right? Well, just so you know, cannabis gummy bears will make you want to go back every time – eating more and more.

Don't Over-Do it

So be careful because you don't want to end up over-doing it. You would use blended juice of fruits to make them, using less processed sugar and you would have to make sure that the THC level is just right. You can even be more creative and make different shapes to have a party mix. You can even make them in a wide range of flavors and colors to be in gummy heaven. Each gummy bear should have its own dosage of cannabinoids so you can enjoy it without overdosing. Experts say that the managing the dosage is easier with cannabis gummy bears because it allows you to discover its therapeutic threshold.

Consuming Edibles

Consuming edibles is a good way to avoid smoking cannabis. Additionally, it is an excellent way to achieve the most effect from the cannabinoids. Why? Well, the decarboxylation process makes it easier to ingest and digest and you get better results than smoking. There are some people that don't like edibles due to the fact that the dosage is not managed enough to prevent the overwhelming effect. Once you monitor the dosage, you will be fine. Edibles give you a longer lasting effect than smoking cannabis. This is one of the reasons why others would prefer it. Now, let us take a look at the recipe and ingredients for cannabis gummy bears.


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The Ingredients

This is a healthy recipe for cannabis gummy bears and for that reason, you should get a handful of organic fruits and use a cannabis strain that is not as cannabisent. You are going to need about four teaspoons of gelatin powder and about three tablespoons of honey. Vegans can use agar agar powder to substitute for the gelatin and agave syrup instead of honey. You will also need 100% real fruit juice; about 1,350 ml. Get some cannabis tincture that was made using cannabis strain that is less cannabisent. You will also need gummy molds, a whisk and a medium saucepan as well as plastic wrap for covering and a syringe.

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The Instructions

The first step is to put the fruit juice in the medium saucepan over medium heat, warming gently as you stir the contents. Don't make it hot; only warm. If you make it too hot, the terpenes and cannabinoids will begin to degrade. Next you would add the tincture; about three to four teaspoons. Whisk everything together as slowly as possible while you add the gelatin. You don't want it to get too lumpy, which is what will happen, if you whisk too fast. Next, you will add the honey; at least a tablespoon at a time while you taste it for preferable sweetness. Take up your syringe, which you will use to fill the gummy molds. Put the molds in the refrigerator and let it sit for four hours. Now it is time to get those cannabis gummy bears in your tummy.

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