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Cannabis extraction can be complicated, if you don’t know what you are doing. It is also a process that requires training. The Cannabis Training University offers courses that will help you to learn about the specifics involved in extracting cannabis.

You will learn how to use a cannabis extraction machine without damaging yourself. At the end of the course, you will receive a cannabis extraction certification that you can use to find a cannabis job, utilizing all the skills and knowledge that you would have learned in the online cannabis extraction classes.

The Concentration

Here, we will discuss some of the details that you can expect when using a cannabis extraction machine. As long as cannabis concentrate is made properly, it will be reminiscent to the cannabis strain from which it was extracted – the taste, smell and effects will be magnified because of its heightened concentration after being extracted.

Super C Extractor

If you want to make serious gains, you could consider owning the Super C Extractor. It will give you higher grade marijuana oil, which can be extracted at your home. This machine s technologically advanced, but yet, it can work as an exclusive machine at home.

To operate it, you would plug it to a CO2 tank and then you would load the canister with about an ounce of marijuana. You would turn it on and open up the valve, located on the CO2 tank. Once the desired temperature and pressure is reached, you would open the valve to release the pressure slowly. You would then watch the machine unleash chunks of ice crystals made of CO2. These would be melted to liquid form or cannabis oil.

Closed Loop Extraction Machines

The Closed Loop extraction machine has become quite popular. It has been upgraded to be savvier in controlling the extraction process and experimenting with cannabis oil extraction using various methods that you will learn from your courses at the Cannabis Training University.

Be aware, though, that this equipment is expensive as it is originally made for commercial use, in most cases. It is similar to how you operate open-tube butane without air exposure of the marijuana plant. There are a number of closed-loop extractors including:

  • Recovery tank
  • Refrigerant pump
  • Recovery pump
  • CFM pump
  • Refrigerant scale
  • Vacuum oven

There are many companies selling cannabis extraction machines, but most of the closed-loop equipment is professionally made and the pressure is tested to make sure that there are no missing pieces or precarious leaking. So, when making your purchase, do your research. Be very skeptical in buying brands that you are not familiar with or heard of.

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