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If you have never tried eating cannabis-infused edibles, it is possible you need to learn more about it. In most cases, people that eat cannabis edibles are not aware of the potency that it contains. In addition, most people do not know how much of the edibles to consume.

Thanks to medical or recreational legalization, there are certain standards and regulations to abide by. Most states that legalize recreational marijuana and medical marijuana have guidelines and regulatory requirements as it relates to THC level and cannabis consumption level. It is better to have a pleasant experience when consuming cannabis edibles than to eat too much and have to deal with paranoia.

The Ingredients

There are certain companies that go to lengths to comply with dosage requirements. If you buy their cannabis products, make sure to read the label on the packaging so you don't accidentally consume too much. With any product, the ingredients are the key to being aware of consumption. Take notice of the ingredients, but also how much of each ingredient has been used to make these cannabis edibles.

The Newcomer

Many newcomers like yourself will have the same uncertainty and fear with consuming edibles and that is why, we have put together this guide to help you to understand the required dosage. You don't want to end up calling 911 because you are paranoid after eating a potent cannabis cookie. Let's go through the steps to ensuring that you are safe and that you know the ins and outs.

Reading the Package

Yes, again, it cannot be overstated that you should take time to read the packaging for the dosage guidelines. Never play Russian roulette when you want to establish edible dosage. Edibles do have THC content and legally, this should be measured in milligrams. The standard dosage is 10 milligrams, but if you are new to cannabis edibles, begin with 5 milligrams. So, if you do purchase edibles that have 10 milligram, eat half of it instead of the entire one.

Remember that when you consume edibles, it takes about an hour to go through your body and into your bloodstream. So while you may feel OK after a few minutes, do not eat any more for another hour so as to make sure that you are not overly intoxicated with the product.


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Tolerance Level

Everyone has a different level of tolerance. For that reason, you may have to start with a small dosage and then after a while, you can increase it. An experienced cannabis consumer may be able to eat a larger dose and not have the same reaction as a new cannabis consumer. So tread carefully and slowly. It might take time for your body to get used to it. Eat your cannabis edibles in smaller increments to allow improved tolerance over time.

Patience and Restraint

It is not easy to sit there and wait until you feel the effects of cannabis edibles after consumption since it takes an hour or more. But, you have to exercise patience and restraint, if you want to have an enjoyable experience. If you should ever lose track of how much you are consuming, you may end up experiencing anxiety and paranoia. It could be a bumpy ride.

Contents of Your Stomach

Prior to consuming cannabis edibles, be mindful of the amount that you want to eat. If you already have an empty stomach, it may not be the wisest thing to do. Make sure you have something in your stomach before eating edibles. In addition, if you are consuming alcohol at the same time, this may result in more paranoia and anxiety. For that reason, you may want to limit your edible intake.

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Cannabis edibles can be quite a delight, if you consume them wisely. More importantly, it is better to be at home and in a comfortable place so that you can retire, if you become too high. Over time, you will get a knack of it, but it is wise to start slow. If you want to learn more about cannabis edibles, enroll in the Cannabis Training University's cannabis courses online.

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