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Generally, the cannabis plant is known to create more than half males in a single crop.

A male marijuana plant will develop pollen sacs rather than the pistils and flowers exclusive to female cannabis plants. During the pre-flowering period you will be able to identify whether the plant is male or female.

At this stage, inspecting the pre-flowers between the leaves and stems will reveal ball-like growths that are the first visible sign of a male plant. If you see these pea like balls you can be certain you have a male plant.

Besides fertilizing the female plants there are a handful of uses for male cannabis plants.

Top Uses for Male Cannabis Plants

1. Capture The Cannabinoids

The reproductive organs in the male plant like the female cannabis plant have more cannabinoids in it than other parts of the plant. The tepal is covered by stalk glands, which in return envelops the stamen filament.

In the grooves of the cannabis plant, you will notice sessile glands that are quite large and these will run down each side of the plant's anther, which in itself is packed with pollen grains. The resin and the remaining pollen fall away when the flower pod is ruptured.

The type of cannabis strain in both the female and male flower plays an essential role in its level of potency. Pressed and dried pollen that is extracted or processed using a pollen press provides a high level of potency as well. It is good to note that the male cannabis plant has no shortage of cannabinoids, although it does have a lower THC content.

2. Extract The Concentration

5 great uses for male marijuana plants

During the vegetative stage of the cannabis plant growth, male plants show a higher THC concentration, especially in its leaves. This is more evident in male plants than it is with female plants. During the adult phase of growth is when the female cannabis plant shows a higher THC concentration.


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3. Prep for The Breeding Process

Male plants are traditionally necessary for the breeding process and to continue or combine desired traits. Growers use breeding to develop new cannabis strains. They also use it to maintain the strain's integrity, especially a favorite cannabis strain. Growers also use the breeding process to acclimatize favorite strains that grow in certain areas, especially those grown outdoors.

There are different kinds of breeding procedures that include back breeding and line breeding, which are used to force the evolution of the plant or accelerate its growth. Subsequently, interesting and new traits are developed.

If you notice male plants in your cannabis garden, don't panic. Allow the male plant you will use in the breeding process to grow enough so you can determine its traits. You should extend the growth time so that you have sufficient information where you don't run the risk of facing pollination of your male cannabis plant.

4. Cooking or Juicing

The acid profiles in both the male and female cannabis plant are all the same and have the same benefits. Both of them have a lot of antioxidants and phenols. If you were to juice the leaves of the male cannabis plant, it becomes a healthy tonic for a lot of people. In addition, the human organism has a favorable response to deep green foods and raw foods.

All the other parts of the cannabis plant are able to go through the juicing process except for the thick stalks and heavy branches. You can use the pollen in the male plant to make butter and oils for use in cannabis recipes.

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5. Make Hemp Products

When cannabis is used to grow hemp, then that is when the male plants shine as the stars in comparison to the females. Growers single out the male plants first to use to make linen, clothes, tablecloths and other essential products that people use a lot.

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