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Not all pots for growing cannabis will give you the same results. Some containers are ideally suited for several purposes and others do the opposite. You can use a flower pot or specialty pots used for hydroponic systems or smart pots. Whether you want to grow cannabis as a hobby or become a serious grower, here are tips on choosing the right container for cannabis plants.

The Right Container

Choose the right growing container for your cannabis plants is not always that easy, especially when you are new at this. You might get away with using a flower pot for your first plant, but as you become a seasoned grower and getting more serious at this, you might have to consider other options for healthier plants and optimum growth patterns. Let us take a closer look at some of the containers that you should consider and look at their advantages, differences and a few drawbacks. The best pot you should use to grow cannabis is one that keeps your roots healthy. When the root is healthy, it will reassure the right water intake and nutrition. You should never let the root of the plant dry out at any time or you will only see your plants die. Now, let's go into the containers that you should consider using to grow cannabis.

Flower Pots for Growing Cannabis

If you have ever done gardening, you should be aware of what a flower pot really is. Most times, these are made from plastic, but some of these containers are made also from terracotta. Make sure that when you buy these flower pots, you also get the saucer along with it to catch or drain the runoff water. All of these options should have a way to drain the water and so you could look at pots that have holes at the sides. If not, you can pierce your own holes. The pots made from terracotta are much heavier than the plastic containers. The terracotta naturally soaks up moisture and give the plant a cooling effect and this is especially helpful during the summer months.

How Smart Pots Can Improve Marijuana Plants. Marijuana plant in a pot.

Fabric Pots for Growing Cannabis

Fabric pots are also known as smart pots, which prevents your cannabis plants from being stuck in the root, which means that it provides air pruning to your plant's roots once they reach to the sides of the pot. In such case, the roots experience new growth, promoting the health of the plant. Fabric pots prevent you from over watering the plants and this is important when you grow cannabis. These are also easy to store when you are not using them. Double the pot's size since it dries out very fast in comparison to the standard pots.

Air Pots for Growing Cannabis

Smart pots and ‘air pots' have similar traits. “Air pots” are made of plastic and has openings on its side, which means that it goes through the air pruning qualities. Of course, you still have to water your plants more often since they dry out quickly. These are more durable and sturdier. Make sure you set your pots in the right saucer as it relates to the size.


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Hempy Buckets for Growing Cannabis

You should consider the Hempy Bucket if you grow cannabis hydroponically. The drain hole is located at the top and the nutrient solution sits at the bottom of the bucket. You don't use a water pump and the nutrient solution is left in the bucket.

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