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When it comes to gardening air pruning seems to be the ‘go to' technique for cannabis growers. And it is good to note that cannabis plants are appropriate for air pruning. When the air pruning method is used on your cannabis plants will grow faster, stronger and bigger. First, let us discuss air pruning so that you can get a better idea of what it really is.

The Air Pruning Method

Air pruning occurs naturally at the specific time when the tip of the root comes in contact with the air. Rather than further probing, the root tip will die, forcing additional root branches to grow and develop a huge mass. If you are growing your cannabis plants in plastic pots, the roots will wrap around the small gap between the interior of the plastic pots and the medium.

The roots will grow to an admirable length as it continues to search for new abundant substrates rather than branching off. You might even notice that the roots are bursting through and clinging to the holes found at the bottom of the plastic container. Unless the cannabis plants are air pruned, the roots will continue to grow.

The Benefits of Air Pruning Cannabis Plants

With air pruning, you will have a higher yield on your cannabis plants. The air pruning encourages your cannabis plants to have dense roots and for that reason, the harvest will explode with bigger buds. In addition, you will be able to use larger quantities of nutrient solution on your cannabis plants and you don't have to be concerned about your roots rotting.

Most of all, if you use the air pruning method, you are taking advantage of your medium, especially if you have bought high grade pre-fertilized substrates.

Plants that are air pruned tend to access more of the medium that is rich in nutrients. Your root mass will be similar to the way a spider's web looks and this will be the case throughout the entire medium. Now, how do you carry out this technique? We are sure you want to know, right?

The Method of Air Pruning

The technique is passive in most circumstances. When the tips of the root come in contact with air, it dies and its growth is boosted elsewhere on the plant. The air has to be available by applying the air pruning to your plant's pots.

So, in other words, it is best to grow your cannabis plants in air pruning pots where it is automatically pruned and able to produce a heavy harvest. Now how do you get pots that are air pruned?

The Options of Air Pruning Pots

As it relates to air pruned pots, you have a few options. The expensive option is flat packed and made of durable and resilient plastic and can be found in many sizes. These are excellent for growing cannabis trees and are built to last for a long time.

The next option is the ‘smart pot.' However, not all ‘smart pots' are the same. Get the one that is made of fabric and not just any fabric, but one that is of the highest quality. You will find these in a garden center or online.

The third potion is the firm plastic pot, which are cheaper, functional and available in various sizes. The fourth option is to make your very own air pruning pot. But, this would probably not be necessary since you have other options and it might not turn out well anyway.

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Final Word

Overall, if you use the air pruning method to grow your cannabis plants, you will be able to switch to either outdoor or indoor growing at any time. Once you make the right choice in ‘air pruning pots,' you will benefit from the heavy harvest that is inevitable.

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