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After you have spent time growing your marijuana plants and guiding them through the various growth and blooming stage, it is now time to harvest. This is the initial step to the entire process of preparing your marijuana buds for use and for the consumer market. The multifaceted steps to the marijuana cultivation process is first harvesting, then cannabis trimming; after which you manicure the plant, dry it and then get it ready for curing.

Our Focus

Our focus for this article is to discuss the harvesting process along with trimming the plant and manicuring it. You can complete all these steps one at a time or all at the same time. It is important to note that each step influences the other. Trimming is done when the leaves of the marijuana plant are cut and refined. Manicuring is done when you are trying to sculpt the marijuana buds. In comparison, manicuring is done after cannabis trimming has been completed since this part of the process is more detailed and time consuming.

The Harvesting Choice

You have to know when and how to harvest your marijuana plants. You have to decide whether to cut the whole plant and hang it up to dry using a clothesline or closet dowel or cut each branch of the plant and hang individually. Also, you can use a drying rack and place each bud on it to dry. This is much easier than hanging the entire plant or each branch. The choice will be yours. But, remember that drying on a rack has its disadvantage. You will be putting the marijuana buds to lay on just one side, which can flatten them and prevent the other side from drying well.

The Trim

Now, for cannabis trimming, you may need a pair of horticultural scissors with the fine tip and sharpness or you can use your fingers. However, make sure that you trim them while they are hanging. In fact, it is easier to trim the marijuana plants while they hang rather than laying on a drying rack.

You don't have to wait until the plant is entirely dry before you start cannabis trimming. Make sure that you trim each primary stalk, separating the marijuana buds for storage and final drying and curing. If you don't have a professional scissors specifically for horticulture, you can buy one for about $25. If you are going to be in the cannabis trimming business, you are going to need one anyway.

Protect The Leaves and Buds

Make sure you allow some of the marijuana leaves to remain on the plant so that you have a higher level of THC and also to protect your marijuana buds. However, it would be wise to trim leaves that are defective and larger. be careful when handling your marijuana buds to protect the resin glands. You don't want them to rupture because this will cause deterioration of the CBD, THC and other cannabinoids.

As you get engrossed in cannabis trimming, you will find that your scissors becomes coated with resin, which some call ‘scissor gum or hash.' Remove the hash by scraping the scissors with a knife. If the scissors get too gummy and sticky, you won't be able to use it unless it is cleaned. If the gum is difficult to remove, try using rubbing alcohol with a clean cloth.

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