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Autoflowering of marijuana plants tend to be a new development and improvement within the cannabis market. For the past few years, it has developed even more and become so popular that it has warranted millions of searches on the Internet's major search engines. It is obvious that many people have gotten excited, curious and interested about this new concept. There are several reasons for this excitement. Let's see why, but first we will take a look at a few of the most noticeable features during the autoflowering phase.

Autoflowering of Marijuana Plants Phase

During the autoflowering phase, the marijuana plants are much smaller, which means that they are not easy to spot and safer to grow in a wide range of locations. The plants also grow fast. They are smaller in size but they do result in high yields and are resistant to insects and pets, even more than some cannabis strains. Within ten weeks, they are ready to be harvested. They will follow an exact growth pattern and schedule, which is ingrained in the plant's genes, whether being grown outdoor or indoor.

Once a specific period of time has passed, you will find these plants flowering and that is why we call the process the autoflowering of marijuana plants. With this new development, marijuana growers have new possibilities. Let's now look closer at the auto flowering of marijuana plants and exactly what it is.

Autoflowering and What It Is?

There is a wide range of different strains you can use in the autoflowering of marijuana plants. And remember, that all strains are different. So, you have to choose wisely. The most popular strains include ACDC, Girl Scout Cookies, Gorilla Glue and OG Kush. There are people that believe autoflowering of marijuana plants produce lower quality in comparison to the conventional types of cannabis. Other people think it is definitely a good thing because the process makes it easier for marijuana growers to harvest in only ten weeks.

Marijuana is a plant that is considered to be photoperiod. This just means that the plant has a life cycle that is predisposed to changes in timing of sunlight exposure. With this logic, marijuana growers are able to manipulate how the plant grows indoors. Growers give the young cuttings twelve hours of complete darkness for two weeks to force them to enter the flowering stage. Plants grown outdoors cannot enter the flowering stage until natural lighting performs the same change. This will depend on the variation of the seasons. Summer would probably be the best time.


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The Meaning

Other autoflowering of marijuana plants takes place when the marijuana plants get to a certain age instead of relying on hours of darkness or light exposure changes. What does this mean? Well, no matter what the pattern of sunlight and weather, the marijuana plants will enter the flowering stage at a specific time. Therefore, it is safe to say that the autoflowering of marijuana plants has opened up new opportunities for the cannabis industry and for marijuana growers.

Autoflower Strains

Generally, autoflower strains of cannabis tend to have a shorter life span in comparison to other cannabis plants. This process is really appealing to marijuana growers who would prefer to have more harvest each season. Ten weeks of autoflowering is enough time to have multiple harvests.

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