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In Canada, you can become a legal cannabis grower, but you have to apply for a marijuana license from Health Canada, which is the designated provider of marijuana licenses. The application for a cannabis license comes with precise guidelines and specific requirements. You must provide required information about the senior cannabis staff. This includes the qualifications of the staff that will have the responsibility of quality assurance.

The Proposed Facility

In addition, you have to provide location and address for the proposed facility. You will also have to provide details on the proposed facility’s floor plan. To become a legal cannabis grower, you will need to provide documentation on what your quality procedures will be. There should be up to forty five quality procedures provided. This could amount to fifty pages of documentation. Your security plan is also essential. This means that you must provide details of how the facility will manage security during daily operations.

The Applications

As it stands, Health Canada is said to have accepted more than one thousand six hundred marijuana license applications to interested parties. Out of the amount of submitted application, twenty seven have received a marijuana license so far. There are about a hundred marijuana license applications that are in the final stages of being approved. What does this mean? It means that the rate of failure in having your application approved is high. The main reason for this is the required quality of the documentation. There have been quite a large number of application denials due to the failure to meet the security requirements for the proposed facility location. For example, if your proposed location for the facility is next to a shopping mall or church, this fails the rules. Some applications appear to have failed due to the fact that the staff designated for quality assurance is not qualified.

Health Canada Website

Health Canada sets the bar high for the legal cannabis grower to meet the same guidelines as a pharmaceutical drug manufacturing facility. The downside for many applicants is that these requirements are not fully defined on the Health Canada website. One other reason, it seems, is that the company is only considering high tier applications. This means that you may have to include a business partner with pharmaceutical quality assurance experience. The upside is that the requirements for a marijuana license do not involve the actual leasing of a facility or hiring of staff. You just need to provide the right documentation as evidence.

Quality Staff

Under MMPR, you have to show your qualifications on paper. In the initial stages of the application, if you want to become a legal cannabis grower in Canada, you have to identify a floor manager and senior contact staff. For the location, you are going to need some kind of written documentation from the person leasing the land or facility landlord of your intentions. If not, you may lose your queue in the application process and have to start from scratch.


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The Cost

To become a legal cannabis grower in Canada, you have to go through the application process at a cost. If you own your own land and building, the cost forecast is about $150 per square foot of facility space. This should work out to be about $1.5 million for a 10,000 square foot facility. The cost could add up to be millions of dollars and so, many small players cannot get in the game. So, it is safe to say that when the rules were put in place, the Canadian government did not intend for small players to engage in this game.

Application Review Process

When the cannabis applications are reviewed, it is done in a comprehensive manner with preliminary screenings typical done in a thirty day time frame. After application screening is done, the timeline could vary, depending on the documentation presented by applicants and if they follow the requirements and guidelines. Want to know more? Visit the Cannabis Training University today.

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