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There are some benefits to the nectar collector as it is with the dab rig. As innovative techniques become available in the cannabis industry, it is our duty to bring them to you so that you can make informed decisions and choices and so that is what this article caters to.

Whether you use the dab rig or nectar collector, they are both associated with the world of dabbing or the practice of dabbing. There are so many different accessories and also tools that are specifically designed for the use of cannabis concentrate.

Sometimes, it is quite a challenge to keep up with them all. With dabbing, you must have the appropriate temperature, amount of wax or oil and the right tools. For information purposes, cannabis concentrate can be referred to as oil or wax.

The Question

Now, the question is the nature of nectar collector and what it is. It is a product specifically designed to smoke cannabis concentrates. It is similar to the dab rig as was mentioned before, but it does have its stark differences. It is not a huge product since you can hold it securely in the hand and effectively use it to smoke your concentrates.

It does come in various shapes and sizes with some being smaller and more compact for portability or for use outdoors. Others tend to be designed for indoor use and are much larger. Some are made with different materials such as silicone, glass and quartz. And it is these materials that will show a difference between the nectar collector and dab rig and its efficiency and easy cleaning also.

The Elements of a Nectar Collector

The nectar collector consists of the main body, the mouthpiece and the tip. You can remove the mouthpiece quite easily. The mouthpiece is designed to easily fit the body and tip. Sometimes, the body of the nectar collector is just a tube and at other times, it can be a tube that has a chamber.

The tip is the part that the concentrate comes in direct contact with. If you want to get the best flavor from this contraption, it is best to buy one with a quartz tip.

How To Use A Nectar Collector

It is not complicated to use a nectar collector. In fact, the interface is quite simple and you don't need any special skills to use it or obtain the maximum efficiency. As long as you know the steps to attaching the mouthpiece and also the tip to its main body, you should be able to use it effectively.

Fill the middle tube chamber with water and then with the use of a torch, make sure the nail is heated to the ideal temperature.

However, keep the temperature as low as possible so you can preserve the terpenes and cannabinoids.

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Allow the tip to cool once it is heated and then that is when you would place the mouthpiece in your mouth, holding the top into the container. Once that is done, then the vaporizing will begin and so that is when you immediately inhale.

Ready To Find Your Nectar Collector?

The nectar collector is portable and easy to carry around because there are not many moving parts as compared to the dab rig. On the market, you will find nectar collects that can fit in your pocket. Many of them have unique designs. If you are looking for portability, then choose the silicone nectar collector. In fact, these have become quite popular as of recently because you can fold them up and you can take them just about anywhere.

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