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Organic cannabis is prized for its intense aroma, powerful flavors, high potency, and smooth smoke. If you want to grow the best possible cannabis outdoors, there's only one way to go: organic nutrients and fertilizer. Cut out the synthetics and help your yield with the best fertilizer for outdoor grow. 

What Are Organic Fertilizers?

Organic fertilizers are derived from natural substances. They contain plant nutrients in low amounts and must be converted into inorganic forms by beneficial bacteria and fungi in the soil. Here are some of the most common organic materials used to feed your plant.

  • Fish emulsion: Fish emulsion is made from decomposed fish and has a high concentration of nitrogen, which is great for the vegetative stage.
  • Bat guano: Bat guano is feces from a bat and can be relatively expensive. It contains a high percentage of nitrogen and some phosphorus and potassium.
  • Bone meal: It is made from ground animal bones and contains high potassium and phosphorus concentration.
  • Blood meal: Bone meal is a dry and inert material derived from blood and has high nitrogen concentration.
  • Manure: Manure from pigs, chickens, or cows, are rich in nitrogen which are helpful for vegetative growth.
  • Worm castings: Worm castings are rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium and are great for an outdoor grow setup.

Best Fertilizer For Outdoor Grow

1. General Hydroponics General Organics Go Box

General Organics gives cannabis growers a complete line of high-quality and organic plant food and supplements. The GO Box starter kit comes with 16 oz BioThrive Grow and Bloom fertilizers  and 8oz samples of every GO liquid supplement, including CaMg+, Bio Root, Bio Weed, Bio Bud, Bio Marine, and Diamond Black.

2. Down to Earth Blood Meal

Down to Earth blood meal fertilizer mix (12-0-0) is an excellent source for nitrogen. It's meant to add vigor and color to your cannabis plants. If your plant leaves are starting to turn yellow or pale green, they may be suffering from nitrogen deficiency. This blood meal fertilizer mix can increase the production of amino acids and chlorophyll.

3. Humboldt’s Secret Golden Tree: All-In-One Concentrated Organic Additive

Humboldt's Secret Golden Tree produces this all-in-one concentrated organic additive in a variety of quantities from 2 to 64 oz containers and even up to 5-gallon bottles. Golden Tree’s organic additive can improve soil/foliar nutrient conditions to ensure better yields.

In addition, it can improve plant establishment, nutrient uptake, and abiotic stress tolerance. This additive can work in soil-based and soilless systems.

The Best Ways to Use Marijuana Plant Nutrients. Spraying water on plant.

4. Dr. Earth Organic Bud & Bloom Fertilizer

Dr. Earth's Organic Bud and Bloom fertilizer (3-9-4) is available in 1, 4, 12, and 50 lb bags. This dry fertilizer provides exceptional yields with its fast-release nutrients while other nutrients can last up to several months in the soil.

Made from fish bone meal, feather meal, alfalfa meal, soft rock phosphate, and mined potassium sulfate, this fertilizer can be used as a standalone flowering supplement. It contains TruBiotic beneficial soil microbes plus mycorrhizae.

5. Epsoma TR4 Tree-Tone 6-3-2 Plant Food

Epsoma’s organic Tree-Tone fertilizer contains 15 essential nutrients to promote healthy cannabis plant growth. This plant food should be administered to established plants. Comes in a two pack.

All you have to do is spread the food over the root area and let the slow-release formula slowly release the nutrients to feed your plants. This contains feather meal, poultry manure, bone meal, and alfalfa meal.

6. Down to Earth Crab Meal Fertilizer

Down to Earth’s all-natural crab meal fertilizer (4-3-0) stimulates plant growth and improves soil microorganism populations. Down to Earth’s crab meal is a byproduct of the west coast crab harvest and a great source of nutrients for your cannabis plants.

Its coarse texture is great for improving aeration, drainage, and soil tilth. It is also slow-release so your plants can enjoy the nutrients throughout the vegetative and flowering stage.

7. Down to Earth All Natural Fish Meal Fertilizer

Down to Earth’s natural fish meal fertilizer (8-6-0) is ideal for cannabis plants. It promotes beneficial soil microbial life and stimulates strong root development. It is a great source of two of the main nutrients needed for plant growth: phosphorus and nitrogen. It also provides 5% calcium to your plants.

You will always find it in the best fertilizer for outdoor grow list.

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