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We’ve assembled a thorough guide on why you would need a grow tent, what factors to consider when buying one, the best small and budget friendly grow tents, and all the accessories you’ll need to start growing cannabis in a tent.

Why Use A Grow Tent For Growing Weed Indoors

Cannabis grow tents allow home growers to grow in a contained space without having to do extensive construction or remodeling projects to their property.

They are portable, budget-friendly, and user-friendly spaces where growers can hang lights and fans and fully deck out the interior for high yields.

Grow tents can be purchased for a relatively small price starting at around $60 and going up to $200 or more for higher-end or larger grow tents.

The tents provide growers with a discreet way to grow inside, deter pests, and maximize the amount of light in the tent with its reflective interior.

What To Look For In A Cannabis Grow Tent

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Cannabis grow tents have enabled amateur and experienced growers to grow marijuana plants indoors for years.

Modern cannabis growers have an expansive selection of cannabis grow tent options ranging in size, look, price, and quality.


The best grow tent for you may not be the best for someone else. Grow tents vary in size and height. Growers should consider the height of a grow tent to ensure it’s tall enough for the plants and the grow lights.

Maximizing height in a grow tent allows growers to place the lights far enough away from plants leaving room for fans, ducting, and air filters.

Smaller grow tents, however, can restrict the growth of the plant due to the height limits. Ensure your grow tent is large enough to fit the cannabis plant you’re trying to grow. Investing in a larger tent for the future can pay off in the end. 

Growers must also consider the width of the grow tent. Incorporating additional equipment and moving around the tent requires enough space for the plant and the grower.

For instance, a 4’ x 4’ grow tent would not accommodate a completely full tent. Realistically, that size tent would have about 3’ x 3’ of space for growing cannabis plants.


Budget growers can definitely score a durable and resilient grow tent, albeit, affordable tents may not have as high-quality materials compared to more expensive tents.

Watch out for tent tears, broken zippers, poor temperature seals, and other environmental fluctuations that can reduce your plant growth due to tent material quality. Try to get the best grow tent for your money.

Features to Look For

Grow tents can be simple or include more user-friendly features to streamline the cultivation process. Quick-viewing windows in grow tents allow growers to check in on plants without repeatedly zipping open and closed the tent, thereby, exposing your plants to light and temperature changes. 

Some grow tents feature upper and lower intake and exhaust ducting vents that can be quickly connected. Choose a grow tent with a large door opening so you can easily move in and out of your tent.

Grow tents may also feature removable waterproof floor trays to prevent flooding and collect the water from your cannabis plants.

Other features include tool pockets/pouches, which allow you to keep your thermometers, hygrometers, shears, and other gardening tools handy.

Some grow tents include a net trellis inside the tent, which are useful for growing cannabis plants that require a lot of support or plants that require a consistent height canopy.

The Best Indoor Cannabis Grow Tents On The Market

Indoor cannabis grow tents (small and large) can be found on Amazon, Walmart, and gardening outlets online.

Below, you’ll find a curated selection of some of the best indoor grow tent brands and specific models on the market (in no particular order) along with prices you can expect to pay to complete your grow set-up.

Gorilla Grow Tent

Gorilla Grow produces some of the most high-quality and durable grow tents for cannabis on the market. The tents are made with metal connectors and poles and have a durable and thick wall material.

Gorilla Grow tents give growers 360-degree access to the inside of the tent and offer easy-view windows to monitor your cannabis plants. 

Gorilla Grow tents offer extender kits that can increase the height of your cannabis grow to reach anywhere from six feet to nearly nine feet high. Their tents are the trusted grow tents for the serious indoor cannabis growers and can run you about $365 for a 4’ x 4’ tent. 

Gorilla Grow tents are the quintessential grow tent for cannabis that receive excellent reviews. They offer some of the thickest canvas material on the market and come with additional features that cannabis growers will love.

For instance, its infrared lined roof is ideal at keeping temperatures cool in your tent. Gorilla Grow’s LITE line is great for budget shoppers.

Secret Jardin

Secret Jardin has been a grow tent maker for well over 10 years. Their DRII grow tent is a mid-range tent that can hold about 65 pounds of equipment. Secret Jardin’s tents are made with a proprietary method that keeps toxins from off-gassing the tent material. The Secret Jardin's DRII grow tent can be bought for about $240. 

Secret Jardin’s grow tents are not quite Gorilla Grow quality, but are a solid option for any cannabis grower. Secret Jardin’s zippers offer a light-tight fit. Unlike other tents that may require ironing or gluing to maintain a pitch-black environment, Secret Jardin offers superior grow tent quality.


Oshion mylar grow tents are for the budget grower who wants to get experience growing indoors. Grow tents range from $70 to $130. Oshion’s entry-level grow tent can run you about $75. Oshion grow tents are made of a thick and durable 600D mylar. They also come with a removable base tray, viewing windows, and various duct openings for proper ventilation.


Vivosun’s cannabis grow tents are made to last. Vivosun’s 4’ x 2’ grow tent is the perfect grow tent for closet cultivation. Their mylar hydroponic grow tent can hold up to six plants at a time. Vivosun’s two-year warranty is one of the best in the business and ensures your tent can last for a while. 

Vivosun’s closet grow tent is made from dark 600D fabric on the exterior. Its zippers are solid. It comes with a removable floor tray and support rods for your cannabis grow lights, fans, and ventilation equipment. Vivosun’s closet grow tent can go for about $70.

iPower Grow Tent

For cannabis growers with plenty of plants to grow, iPower’s hydroponic and water-resistant grow tent is a perfect choice. If you have the space to fit these behemoth tents, the iPower grow tent can provide you with a removable floor tray, double-stitched and reflective material that eliminates any light leaks. 

iPower’s frame and metal poles are sturdy and can handle up to 110 pounds easily. iPower offers rear door access with snap hooks, diamond-shaped reflective interior walls, and adjustable vent openings. iPower tents also feature various exhaust and intake ports to maintain the optimal growing environment.


CoolGrows’ small indoor mylar hydroponic grow tents are ideal for those who can’t afford the higher-quality Gorilla Grows or Secret Jardin’s of the world. Its tents are light proof, durable, and come with a viewing window for easy monitoring. Flaps over the sturdy zippers ensure you have a completely pitch-black environment inside.

CoolGrows tents come with a one-year warranty to protect you from making a bad grow tent investment. A 2’ x 2’ x 4’ grow tent can run you about $60. A 4’ x 4’ x 6.7’ grow tent can set you back about $84.


Quictent is one of the most eco-friendly grow tents around. Its SGS testing and certification mean its soluble elements won’t leach out from the material when wet and contaminate the cannabis plants. Quictent features a reflective silver PET mylar lining and 600D Oxford fabric canvas.

Quictent comes with a two-year warranty so you know these tents are meant to last. A 4’ x 4’ x 6.5’ tent is about $105.

Indoor Cannabis Grow Tent Lights

Cannabis growers who are cultivating within a grow tent can choose from a variety of lights for their set-up.

Growers can choose high-pressure sodium (HPS) lamps, light-emitting diode (LED) lights, high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps and compact fluorescent lamps (CFL). CFL and LED lamps are considered budget-friendly options for small grow tents. 

Consider how your lamps can get and their energy-efficiency because you’ll be leaving them on for multiple hours a day.

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LED’s are considered to be one of the most energy-efficient grow lights based on its upfront costs, durability, lifespan, maintenance costs, and energy costs. Finally, make sure your grow lights are full spectrum for the best flower production.

Weed Grow Tent Equipment & Accessories

Once you’ve narrowed down and bought your best grow tent and lights for growing weed indoors, you’re not quite done.

Setting up an optimized cannabis grow requires other essential equipment and accessories such as carbon air filters, hygrometer, exhaust fans, fertilizer, clean water, nutrients, growing medium, and the seeds or clones to begin the growing process. 

A fan attached to the airflow opening in the tent enables growers to have an optimal airflow all throughout the grow tent. Poor ventilation can lead to mold or fungi on your pants. Carbon filters are also important to absorb the intense cannabis plant aroma and scent of fertilizers or nutrients within the tent. 

Using the right nutrients and a clean water source to grow your cannabis plants is another important aspect of successfully growing in a grow tent. For a successful harvest, it all starts with the right seeds or clones. Finding the right genetics can complete your marijuana grow tent kit. 

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