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Finding the best nutrients for an outdoor grow can be challenging. Growing cannabis can be quite taxing for novice growers and cannabis plants can be more complex than typical plants. 

Growing outside is less expensive than growing inside. But it takes patience, enough light, quality soil, and the correct nutrients for an outdoor grow to thrive. 

Consistency is Key When Planning Nutrients for an Outdoor Grow

When first growing cannabis, it’s essential to keep it as simple as possible by ensuring that the plants receive enough sun, soil, water, and nutrients.

It's ideal to stay with the same brand of nutrients for consistency since the first few months of growth are sensitive, and it can be challenging to start. Try not to mix different brands for evenly dispersing nutrients and better growth potential. 

Ensure you carefully measure the amount; consistency is key when distributing the correct amount of nutrients for a fruitful cannabis harvest. Don’t add too little or too much. 

Best Nutrients for an Outdoor Grow

The three primary nutrients you want to look for when purchasing fertilizer are nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). Calcium, sulfur, and magnesium are only required in small amounts, especially in the early stages of growth. 


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Your outdoor cannabis plant should incorporate these six nutrients, whether they’re organically made or store-bought.


3 Primary Nutrients for an Outdoor Grow

  1. Nitrogen
    Nitrogen is one of the most important components of outdoor cannabis growth. It helps promote the growth and development of new leaves and stems on the cannabis plantNitrogen is what keeps your plants budding for your next harvest. Nitrogen can be found in organic sources such as worm castings, animal manure, bat guano, and crustaceous meal. Or you can purchase it on its own to save time and guarantee its potency for your cannabis plants.
  2. Phosphorus
    Phosphorus is responsible for flower growth on your cannabis plant. Phosphorus deficiency can have a negative affect on your harvest. Boiled banana peels, chicken manure, bone and fish meals, and rock dust are excellent sources of phosphorous.
  3. Potassium
    Potassium is another nutrient source and one of the best nutrients for growing weed. The benefits of potassium are to help strengthen the flowers. Phosphorus might be responsible for the actual budding of cannabis flowers, but it’s potassium that helps these flowers continue growing and staying strong enough for harvest time. Compost made with excellent potassium sources like banana peels, granite dust, and burned cucumber skin is a great choice!

3 Secondary Nutrients for an Outdoor Grow

  1. Calcium
    Calcium strengthens plant growth and cells, helps deter pests that could harm your plants, and is usually noted for aiding other nutrients to be absorbed. A calcium deficiency or an excess could result in weak or dying plants. Calcium can be found in sources like chalk, clay, and limestone, to name a few.
  2. Magnesium
    Magnesium helps take light and turn it into energy to help your cannabis plant thrive! Magnesium sources include dolomites, K-Mag supplements sold commercially, and Epsom salts. Using magnesium in conjunction with calcium is best.
  3. Sulfur
    Sulfur helps the production of chlorophyll. It is a component of proteins and amino acids that boost plant resistance, root growth, and most importantly, helps absorb moisture. Nitrogen helps at the start, but sulfur aids its development — all down to the roots. Epsom salt, which contains both magnesium and sulfur, is an inexpensive organic source of both nutrients. Mineral-rich soils are found in nature, notably volcanic soil and animal manures.

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