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Many cannabis growers will oftentimes put more nutrients into their cannabis plant mix. This may result in an adverse effect than is initially intended. Let’s take a closer look at how marijuana growers should feed their cannabis plants and not overdo it. In normal circumstances, all chemical components of a plant are derived from the soil, water and air in order for the plant to flourish naturally.

The Natural Step

It is quite natural for a cannabis grower to have a desire to put more nutrients in order to get a better outcome from each marijuana plant. In fact, many are prepared to spend as much money as required to get advanced nutrients.

However, there are no guarantees to get amazing results. You have to be aware that nothing is ‘cut in stones.’ Things can go wrong, especially if you don’t know exactly what to do. What are the nutrients that a cannabis plant needs to flourish and how much do you use?

The NPK Elements

Marijuana plants need phosphorous, nitrogen and potassium in order to thrive. The element which cannabis growers are familiar with in this sense is N, P, and K. N is for nitrogen, P is for potassium and K is for phosphorous.

These do not stand alone in the mix. They are all combined so as to make it easier for the cannabis plant to absorb them. Most organic fertilizers have these elements, but in more natural and complex molecular forms.

The Simple Method

As a cannabis grower, to cultivate your marijuana, you should embrace the simplest way and that is growing your plants in the soil. In growing your cannabis plants in the soil, you will avoid feeding errors due to the buffering action that exist between the root system and the chemicals used. Some marijuana growers that put too many nutrients in their cannabis plants will only defeat the outcome of achieving healthier plants.

The Stages

Every stage of the cannabis plant growth and life needs various kinds of nutrients. If the soil is rich, no added nutrients are necessary during the seedling phase. Make sure that you use sufficiently large pots that provide enough humidity for the soil and space for the roots to freely grow. If you are thinking about using a strong fertilizer, make sure that the dosage is reduced.


It is apparent that a cannabis plant should neither be overfed nor underfed with nutrients. For example while in the vegetative stage, medium levels of phosphorous as well as higher levels of potassium and nitrogen are necessary.

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