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Do you want to learn how to grow the biggest pot plant possible? By using the best cannabis growing practices, you can grow a tall and hardy cannabis plant full of large and resinous flower buds. Our cannabis grow guide gives you tips from the pros to maximize your plant’s vertical and horizontal growth.

Size Matters For The Biggest Pot Plant

From a small seed, cannabis can grow just a couple of feet tall to nearly 35 feet tall. The size of a cannabis plant depends on its genetics, growing environment, and the cultivation practices used.

For many growers, growing big trees can be a loophole around their legal plant count limits. Many states limit the number of plants medical and recreational patients can grow (usually 6 plants). However, states usually do not specify how big the plants must be.

For this reason, cannabis growers try to grow the biggest plants possible to get the highest yield possible without going over the legal plant limit.

Choose the Best Genetics

If you want to grow the biggest cannabis plant possible, you have got to start with the right type of genetics. For instance, indica strains tend to grow short and bushy, much smaller than their sativa varieties, which are known for growing tall and slender.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, but generally, you will want to stick with pure sativa strains or sativa-leaning strains.

You also want to stay away from autoflowering strains, which grow small due to their unique growth cycle. Autoflowering strains start to automatically flower after a few weeks instead of waiting for the light cycle to change like in photoperiod plants.

Choose the Right Location

If you plan on growing gigantic cannabis plants, make sure you have the vertical and horizontal space to do so.

Begin by researching the specific strain you plan to grow. How tall and wide does it usually get? This could help you determine if you have enough indoor space. It will also let you know if your plants will get bigger than your outdoor fence or greenhouse.

If growing outdoors, you will need to ensure your plants are hidden from public view. Many jurisdictions prohibit outdoor gardens to be visible. If necessary, you can use our stealth grow ideas to keep your plants hidden.

Use Large Containers

For growing humongous cannabis plants, you're going to need large pots and containers. Think 5 gallons or bigger. The larger the container, the better it is to give the roots plenty of room to grow.

  • For indoor gardens, you can use up to 6 gallon containers. Anything larger can be difficult to grow inside.
  • For outdoor gardens, you can use pots between 10 and 12 gallons. However, you will need more growing medium, which can increase costs. You can also grow directly in the ground.

In a small container, a big network of roots can become root bound. But, in a larger pot, cannabis roots have enough space to expand.

Above all, you want a container that drains properly. Drilling holes in a large container and placing the container on a large tray can help prevent flooding your plants.

However, when wet, the container can be difficult to move around. One easy way to get around this is to set up your container on a stand with wheels.

Go Organic

For larger-than-life cannabis plants, use the highest quality nutrients and substrates, preferably organically-based. For best results, go with premade soil specifically made for cannabis plants or make your own organic mix. If needed, you may want to supplement your big plant’s nutrients with organic fertilizers.

Water Often

When growing big plants, they will need a lot more water than smaller plants. However, you don't want to risk overwatering your plants, either. Overwatering can lead to root rot.

Regularly check to see if your plant's medium is dry. Picking up the container can help you determine if it needs to be watered. Compare this to when you pick it up after it has been fully watered.

How often you water your plants will depend on their size, the temperature in the environment, the health of your plant, and its stage of growth.

In addition, it is important to check the pH of your water. Generally, cannabis plants prefer the water to be between 6 and 7 pH. A pH level way outside of this range can affect the nutrient uptake and size of your plant.

Long Vegetative Stage

A cannabis plant’s vegetative stage is when the plant focuses on growing stems and leaves. If you want to grow the biggest plants possible, we recommend letting the plant remain in its vegetative stage for as long as possible. 

When the plant transitions to its flowering stage, it can nearly double in size, so the bigger the plant is, the more it'll grow during the flowering stage.

One way to give your plants all the time they need to grow during the vegetative stage is to plant your seeds early in the planting season if you are growing outside. Planting early enables your plants to grow as much as possible before the days get shorter and the lower daylight triggers the flowering stage.

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