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Blueberry strain is a true old-school strain created in Oregon back in the ‘70s by the legendary cannabis breeder DJ Short. Who also created potent favorites like Blue Moonshine and Flo.

There is more than one version of Blueberry. So those who want to grow the real deal should do the necessary research and acquire genetics from a reliable source to ensure they are getting the original strain.

Blueberry Strain Cultivation

DJ Short is known for utilizing Thai in his breeding projects. He’s written books on marijuana cultivation that detail the various types of Thai he utilized to create his strains. If you were enjoying cannabis back in the ‘70s and early ‘80s, you no doubt remember the various Thai imports well, because they were commonly available and truly delicious. This Thai wasn’t what was found on “Thai Sticks” of the day, but instead were found as loose buds sold in baggies. Short’s very accurate descriptions of the Thai varieties quickly bring back memories of days past.

For the Blueberry strain, he used a Highland Thai (“Juicy Fruit Thai”), a land-race “Chocolate Thai,” Oaxaca Gold from Mexico, and Afghani. Although not easy to detect in Blueberry, the Afghani played a prominent role, because Blueberry is an 80/20 indica-dominant strain. The effect when smoked or vaped also masks the dominant Afghani component of the strain, because although decently potent, Blueberry doesn’t result in a knock-out, couch-lock buzz. Instead, the resulting high is more pleasing and balanced. The initial upbeat, and euphoric effect settles into a mellow head/body experience that is relaxing but not sedative.

From a cultivation perspective, there’s lots to like about this old-school classic. Although Blueberry has been around for decades, it’s quite variable, with a range of phenos possible from a pack of seeds. Some plants will stretch more than others, but expect medium height on average. The plants will mature at the same rate as most indica-dominant strains, so harvest time doesn’t require a great deal of patience.

Flowering of Blueberry Strain

Once the plants begin flowering, the grower may experience some surprises. Many Blueberry plants are somewhat unattractive from a plant-structure aesthetic perspective. The buds on some plants are clumpy and not symmetrical. Often, it seems that these odd-looking, ugly-duckling plants develop some of the tastiest, extremely blueberry-tasting buds, that often assume a pleasing blueish purple color when mature. So, don’t give up on the oddball plants. They will reveal their true value after a final, slow cure. Other plants will grow in a much more typical cannabis-plant manner and often assume the same pleasing color, and it’s these plants that are the most desirable to clone.

The color and unique taste of true Blueberry strain warrants discussion, because it’s quite special. Not only do the buds have a rich blueberry flavor, but the bluish color often matches the flavor perfectly. Blueberry is a cornerstone of several other DJ Short strains. Grape Crush quickly comes to mind, so you may detect it in other well-known varieties from the garden of this master cannabis grower.

The pleasing traits of Blueberry strain make it a favorite for breeding projects. If you’re a grower who enjoys creating your own crosses, give Blueberry serious consideration when planning your next grow. It crosses well with a wide range of well-known strains to create something entirely new and different.

Blue Cheese is one such strain, created by crossing a Blueberry male with a U.K. Cheese female (U.K. Cheese is said to be a unique Skunk #1 phenotype). Another good Blueberry cross is Bubbleberry., created by crossing Blueberry and Bubblegum. The best Bubbleberry plants capture the superior bud structure of Bubblegum and combine the distinctive sweet qualities of both strains. The yield from this cross usually leans to the Bubblegum side of the genetics. It tends to be larger than that produced from straight Blueberry.

With so many new cannabis strains entering the market, it can be easy to forget about the iconic classics from the past like Blueberry strain, but grown properly, it never disappoints.

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