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By early 2020, the legal cannabis industry had already created 243,700 full-time U.S. jobs. Impressive as that number is, it's sure to grow in the future.

Don't miss out on this growth — it's high time you learn to grow your own and join the legal marijuana industry. Cannabis college can help!

What is cannabis college? Is it the same as regular college — and can it really help you get a cannabis industry job? These are just a few of the questions the “cannabis college” idea brings up. It's relatively new, but in the future, getting a cannabis education will be key to being a competitive job candidate.

We've got the answers to your cannabis school questions here! Read on to learn how cannabis college can teach you how to grow, sell, and otherwise profit in the legal marijuana world!

What Is Cannabis College?

With the spread of legalization across multiple states, the legal cannabis industry has boomed in recent years. Cannabis college is the logical response to this: a place where people can learn how to get into the cannabis industry and make it a career.

In fact, a few traditional colleges have even gotten into the game, offering courses about cannabis growing and business. However, an even better option may be the newer colleges that specialize in cannabis education.

There are many different cannabis college options out there, but for many students, the best option is an affordable online school like Cannabis Training University. When relocating and paying big bucks for a traditional education isn't possible, cannabis college offers a welcome alternative.

Why Is Cannabis College Important?

Many employers in the marijuana industry prioritize experience, which doesn't necessarily have to come from a college. However, in such a competitive industry, a cannabis education can make you more competitive than other applicants with similar experience.

Cannabis college can also help you become a competitive applicant if you don't have a traditional college or high school degree. Many cannabis education programs don't have prerequisites like a high school diploma, or even a G.E.D. This makes them a great choice for everyone who wants to work in cannabis, regardless of background.

What College Degrees Are Best for Cannabis?

If you're thinking about cannabis college, you'll need to decide which degrees or programs to focus on. Here are some of the best educational tracks offered at cannabis colleges.


Learning agriculture, and more specifically, how to grow cannabis, can definitely help you get an industry job. When many people think of cannabis careers, they think of learning to grow cannabis. What you grow can then be branded and sold to dispensaries.

However, there's much more to cannabis college than just learning how to grow! Let's take a look at some of your other options.


Cooking with marijuana isn't just a recreational activity anymore. Today, cooked and baked cannabis products are a big business in themselves.

Learning to make delicious, marijuana-infused goods can also open up opportunities to sell your wares at dispensaries.


Studying plant biology is important in the cannabis world. The better we understand everything about how the plant grows, the better marijuana we can grow. A biology degree merges a love of science and nature with a love of cannabis.

Cannabis Law

Cannabis law is fascinating, complex, and more important than ever.

As federal legalization lags behind state legalization, the cannabis industry faces complex legal issues. Studying cannabis law can help you advocate for the cannabis business, and offer important services to cannabis companies.

Cannabis Business

You don't need an MBA, but some cannabis business know-how can also be super-helpful in this industry.

The business of cannabis functions like any other business in some ways. In other ways, though, it's totally unique. Because of this, a cannabis business education can be even better than a traditional business education.


Selling cannabis might sound easy — but it's not! With so many legal marijuana brands on the market, marketing is important to stand out from the crowd. Cannabis marketing is a valuable skill that many employers want.


Chemistry is key to understanding cannabis in many ways. Understanding the compounds in cannabis has helped people learn that marijuana does much more than get people high. A chemistry degree can help you take marijuana knowledge to the next level.

Budtender Training

Learning to be a budtender helps with the customer-facing side of the cannabis industry. Dispensaries need well-trained people to recommend and sell cannabis and all its related products.

What College Classes to Take for the Cannabis Industry

The good news is that all of these degrees can be broken down into individual classes, too. Even before you've decided to pursue a degree in something like cannabis law, you can take a cannabis law class to help you decide if that's what you want to study.

The best cannabis college classes to take at first are the ones that interest you. Once you've taken a few classes, you can narrow down your field of interest. Schools will often work with you to help you decide which degree or certificate program to choose.

The Best Cannabis Jobs

Once you've invested in cannabis college, countless different cannabis jobs may be available to you. Some of the best cannabis jobs include:

However, there are many more cannabis jobs out there. In fact, the list of possible cannabis jobs is growing steadily. As the industry grows and changes, more competitive, exciting jobs are becoming available.Â

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Where Can You Go to Take Cannabis College Classes?

Now that you understand the benefits of cannabis college, there's just one thing left to do: choose a school!

Cannabis College Everything You Need to Know to Grow Cannabis 1

Luckily, many of the best cannabis schools offer online programs. You can reach your educational goals without having to relocate or battle traffic to get to campus. From single courses to complete certifications, online schools have everything you need for your future cannabis career.

When you're ready to take the leap in learning, check out our online marijuana courses here!

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