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Anyone just starting out with growing their own cannabis is likely to have some ups and downs with the experience. Like anything else, time and practice make you better at the craft.

In this article we will give you a little advantage over the other newbies by pointing out 5 of the most common cannabis growing mistakes made by new cannabis growers. Hopefully this will save you some time and headaches.

Top Cannabis Growing Mistakes

#1  Killing the Germinating Seeds

A lot of young growers make the mistake of handling the seeds too much when they are trying to germinate them and accidentally killing them before they even had a chance to sprout.

Be gentle with seeds when they are in water and try not to touch them very often during this stage. Seeds can at times take as long as 10 days to sprout. Be patient, let nature do its thing.

#2 Telling Too Many People

Most novice growers are so excited about it that they go out and tell everyone they know. Before they know it, there are people shuffling in and out of the room and bringing in pests and diseases on their clothing. 

Also, the most common reason for getting busted is from telling people about a grow. Remember to be quiet and keep it to yourself.

#3 Harvesting Too Early

field of marijuana plants, cannabis growing mistakes

Harvesting the crop too soon is a relatively common error. If you harvest too, like when the trichomes are still clear, one side effect is the THC content may not reach its maximum potency. Be patient and wait until half of the trichome heads are filled with a more milky hue.

#4 Not Paying Attention To the pH Level

The vast majority of new cannabis growers fail to monitor the pH levels of the water they use to feed their plants. Then they wonder why the plants look sick and the buds are so small. 

When pH is in the correct range, plants can get the most out of all the nutrients and the result will show.

#5 Not Using Enough Light

Many new growers try to grow without sufficient light. We have seen people trying to grow cannabis with small reading lights in their home. 


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The cannabis that your plants yields will be in direct proportion to the amount of light it receives. Go big if you have the money and space!

Some great cannabis lights are made by the following companies:

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