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To get the most out of your marijuana harvest, you have to pay attention to the marijuana buds. In so doing, you will enjoy the outcome of your labor for a longer time.

How do you get bigger cannabis buds? Of course, the genetics of the cannabis plant is important to its outcome. But, cannabis growth requires a lot of effort and the know-how in the type of cannabis nutrients to add.

This is important since cannabis plants need different amounts of cannabis nutrients at different stages of its plant life. You have to know the specifics or reap negative results, if you don’t.

The Fundamentals of Cannabis Nutrients for Growing Larger Marijuana Buds

For one, it is important to understand the fundamentals of the uptake of cannabis nutrients and how it affects the cannabis plant. Why are nutrients so essential to the marijuana plant? Well, nutrients are similar to food and without food; the plant will not thrive nor grow to its appropriate height or potential.

Nutrients are responsible, largely for the bud size at the time of harvest. Cannabis nutrients, of course, aren’t the sole variable in the equation. There are other things important to cannabis growth and basically, it is knowledge of the plant and how to grow it. What better way than to attend the Cannabis Training University?

The NPK Effect

What are the primary cannabis nutrients of the most importance? There are three known essential nutrients, namely nitrogen (N), potassium (K) and phosphorus (P). Without the NPK effect, marijuana plants will be severely short of what is necessary for the best outcome.

When using fertilizers on your cannabis plant while growing, you have to know how much of each nutrient is inside the fertilizer. It is during the vegetative phase that you would use fertilizers that have higher concentrations of nitrogen. This keeps the marijuana plant thriving during this phase, setting the stage for a successful transfer to the flowering stage.

It is in the flowering stage that you will use fertilizers with a higher concentration in potassium and phosphorus and lower concentration in nitrogen. Bloom fertilizer is recommended in the flowering stage to aid in the growth of your cannabis buds.


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The Marijuana Booster

It has been proven that this way of growing larger cannabis buds is the one that has worked for years. However, there is still more to it than three cannabis nutrients. Sometimes, it is not easy to maintain the appropriate balance of nutrients in the flowering phase and vegetative phase.

Not all fertilizer products are able to take care of everything. But the marijuana booster product has been shown to come close. The booster product is known for giving the best results of healthier and larger marijuana buds.

In the booster product, there is much more than the NPK ingredients. You will also find micronutrients such as calcium, boron and manganese, just to name a few. With this mix of cannabis nutrients, you will grow marijuana plants that come with larger buds, drenched with huge levels of THC.

The marijuana booster product also includes instructions on the type of schedules to use for watering and feeding your marijuana plants.

Growing Marijuana

If you don’t have the right balance or more cannabis nutrients than is necessary, you will greatly damage your marijuana plant, causing root burn or nutrient burn. The edges of the leaf and the roots will have a discolored appearance.

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If you are a cannabis grower, you need to be informed about the issues of using extra cannabis nutrients or grow boosters. The moment you notice any discoloration, you should flush your plants using water to eliminate the excess nutrients or grow boosters.

To learn more about cannabis nutrients and how to use it effectively on your marijuana plants, go to the Cannabis Training University today to sign up for our cannabis courses.

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