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Cannabis potency is based on the genes of your marijuana plant. This is one of the most essential facets of knowing the outcome of your plant’s harvest. The genetics of each cannabis plant determines the strength of your cannabinoids, especially the THC.

You can still use various grow techniques to get more THC. This allows you to reduce the restrictions set by each cannabis strain and plant genes.

The Percentage of Cannabis Potency

If your marijuana strain produces only 10 percent of THC, it could mean that you would receive lower than 10 percent THC in each marijuana bud, if the plant is not grown right. And, no matter the technique you use, you may not be able to raise it above 10 percent. If you want a higher level of THC, it is better to start out with high grade weed from a respectable gene pool.

Your Responsibility

So, your responsibility now is to do your own research on strains with high cannabis potency. In doing this, you have a better chance at getting potent marijuana. Once you figure out which strain has the right potency, it is time to buy your cannabis seeds and have it delivered to you.

There are just some marijuana strains that don’t have the appropriate genetics to give you the best cannabis potency. The only way that you can beat this is to begin with good genetics.

Harvest Time

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There are so many marijuana growers that don’t realize that they are harvesting buds way too early. Because of this, their yields are so low and potency reduced.

Cannabis potency is at its highest in terms of THC when the plant is going through maturity in its flowering phase. This usually takes between to two three weeks. In the flowering stage, the small resin glands on the marijuana buds known as trichomes look milky white. The pistils or white hairs on the marijuana buds get dark and curl inside.

Health Is Important

When have a healthy weed plant, you will increase the cannabis potency of the buds at many of the bud sites receiving the most direct lighting. What does this mean? Well, it means that it is very important to stay away from the mistakes that cause unhealthy plants. These mistakes included:

  • Overwatering and underwatering the plant
  • Too much or too little nutrients
  • Issues with the root
  • Too much heat or high temperature
  • Irregular light cycles

You should also be sure to avoid extreme weather and try to maintain some kind of balance. Basically, you should treat your marijuana plant like a pop star, giving the plant everything it deserves and wants.

Light Levels

While marijuana is able to grow in reduced light, if it doesn’t have bright light during the flowering phase, you will not get good marijuana buds. Light is used by the plant to increase the growth of the cannabis buds. Cannabinoids and THC also rely on bright light during the flowering phase for such growth.

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If you are growing the plant outdoors, you will need direct sunlight for at least eight hours each day, if you want the best harvest. If you are growing your cannabis plant indoors and you want the best outcome, in terms of high levels of cannabis potency and healthy buds, you are going to need bright LED grow lights.

Curing Process

While, it is not a certainty that the curing process helps cannabis potency levels, the process is still important to the harvest. After your cannabis plants have been dried, you can put them in glass jars, possibly to increase the cannabis potency of the buds. If you want to learn more about cannabis potency and learn to grow cannabis, visit the Cannabis Training University.

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