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If you are a cannabis enthusiast or even someone who uses cannabis casually, you won't like the idea of smoking cannabis that is filled with stems and sticks. It is essential to trim cannabis buds prior to using them. In fact, the trimming process is the last step to converting your flowers to its final state for consumption. In this article, we will visit the process of trimming cannabis buds using the wet and dry method. Afterward, you should be able to make a decision about how your cannabis buds need to be manicured.

The Differences of Wet and Dry Cannabis

The wet and dry method of trimming cannabis buds will differ in certain ways from each other. If you want your cannabis plants to be prepared for harvest, you have to follow one or the other of these methods, especially if you don't want to use the long and laborious hand rub method. Every cannabis grower will usually be aware that cannabis has to be dried and cured preferably prior to it can be smoked. The objective of every cannabis grower is to ensure that the end result when it comes to cannabis buds will be a visually excellent stash. And so it is important for you to make a decision the kind of method you will use for trimming your cannabis buds; either the wet or dry technique.

Making a Decision

You can adopt the basic operating process like other home growers use by trimming your buds when they are wet on the precise harvest day. The other option is to dry them first and then apply the trimming process. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. It is best to decide the method that is best for your crop. Now, let us look at both of these options to help you make that decision. We will start with the dry trimming method first.

The Dry Cannabis Method

The dry trimming method of cannabis buds is a little controversial among some cannabis growers. However, this method is the one most liked by commercial growers. Many videos have been created with this method and so it has gotten quite popular again. When you use this growing and processing technique, you have to cut the cannabis plant and get rid of only the large fan leaves first. You would then hang the remaining plants until they dry.

If you are located in an area where there is high moisture, the disadvantage is that the moisture will be trapped in the plant, resulting in mold in your cannabis buds. Of course, removing the fan leaves and hanging the plant allows the buds to dry nicely. After two weeks, the drying and removal of fan leaves can be an arduous process when using trimming scissors. When you use the dry method, however, it takes a longer time than the wet method does. In addition, if you are a commercial grower, you will have to consider investing in commercial pruning tools, which can be quite expensive.


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The Wet Cannabis Method

Now for the wet method of trimming cannabis buds. This is usually the normal way that growers harvest their plants. You can trim branches individually or remove the majority of the leaf material using scissors or fingers. This is the preferred method that most cannabis growers use. It is a less arduous process because this method produces manicured cannabis buds that are almost perfect. However, the more leaf material that is removed will lower the weight of the final harvest. The smoke and flavor of the buds will be smoother, though. Both the wet and dry cannabis trimming methods have their positive features. It will depend on which works best for the grower and which one gives a better harvest.

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