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When it comes to marijuana plants and growing to get a better harvest, it is best to avoid bad practices and focus on getting healthy cannabis plants.

How do you do this? Using a compost for marijuana plants is a great way to help ensure you get a healthy harvest.

Why? Well, compost adds rich nutrients and microorganisms to the plant. It also aerates the soil so that there is sufficient oxygen flow in the root. You can pick up some compost at any local nursery or you can make this on your own.

How to Make a Compost for Marijuana Plants

The Compost Bin

Another thing to consider is making sure that the compost bin has a tight lid on it. You should also elevate it off the ground for sufficient air flow. The compost bin should also be in a sunny area. Doing so will ensure that the mixture has the right temperature so that the appropriate amount of decomposition takes place.

Sun is essential to the health of marijuana plants because of the natural sanitation that it provides by keeping the mixture dry, allowing it to look like soil. Make small holes around the side of the composter, allowing the free flow of oxygen into the mixture.

Make sure that your compost is healthy. You will know that if it has a green and brown color to it. The green colored material could be made up of fruit discard, vegetable discard and grass clippings. It could also consist of animal manure, feathers and plant cuttings. Because of its richness in nitrogen, these green colored materials are good to use in both the vegetative and flowering stage of growing your marijuana plants.

The brown colored material is rich in carbon and could be made of shredded leaves that do not have any disease. It could also be made of paper cardboard, tree trimmings, or eggshells. All of these elements should be torn and shredded into pieces prior to putting them into the compost pile. You should never add any fish, bones, eggs, grease, or fats to your compost pile and be sure to leave out twigs or animal feces too.

The Mixture

Put a mixture of the green and brown colored items in the compost bin using layers. Put sufficient water inside to moisten the mixture. But make sure not to put too much water or it will not do the marijuana plants any good. If the plants are too saturated, then add some more of the brown colored material until you find that the mix has less moisture. If you find that the mix doesn’t have enough water, add water some slowly.

The Preparation Results

Every week, you should turn your compost mixture in order to aerate it, especially once you add new material. When you fill the compost bin with three quarters of the material, you should now concentrate on aeration and not add any more new material. As time goes by each month, the compost will start to look like soil. This is when it is ready to be used on your marijuana plants. You will know that is ready when the compost smells exactly like dirt.

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Now is the time to add your dirt to the marijuana garden plot. If the dirt has a rotten smell, then the process of decomposition did not work or is not completed yet and you need to make sure it is. When you are sure that the compost has gotten to the dirt stage, then it is time to spread it out to blend with the existing soil. Before you plant your marijuana plants, leave the dirt from the compost to marinate with your soil for at least ten days.

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